Goodsmiths are always looking for everyday ways to do some good. Whether it’s by recycling all our packaging, avoiding the use of unnecessary plastic such as water bottles, or simply following the mantra “less is more”, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and leave the world a better place. We don’t always know the ins and out of it, so this time, we took some lessons to find out how we can work towards a zero waste Christmas.

Earlier this month, Caroline and I attended an event called ‘No Waste Christmas’, held at the Preston Library as part of their recent ‘Libraries After Dark’ initiative. It was a cooking demonstration held by Jen and Gaby, founders of the PlanBuyCook app, which helps you plan delicious meals in order to avoid food wastage. We were offered samples of their amazing food, starting with Asparagus Rolls, moving on to Rice and Caprese salads, accompanied by a juicy piece of Mango Chicken, finishing off with a yummy piece of Berry Panettone Dessert.

Zero waste Christmas lunch

Jen and Gaby have a goal: they want to enjoy a ‘stress free Christmas lunch’, and there is no better way of ensuring that happens than by preparing in advance. If you’re hosting this year, make sure you have all the ingredients for your special lunch well before the day. A good idea would be to order seafood one week in advance, so that it’s fresh for the day, and purchase all your vegetables around two to three days before so as to make sure you won’t be left out.

Avoid over-catering by asking your guests if they’re bringing any food, so you won’t have to worry about repeat dishes, and encourage them to go for seconds. Christmas is all about giving, so share your leftovers with your guests by allowing them to use takeaway containers, or deliver any leftover food to homeless people. You can also reuse leftovers to create delicious non-festive dishes; for example, the bone from the ham can be used to create broth, while the meat can be added to pea soup.

Zero waste Christmas lunch

Wage your own war on wastage: instead of purchasing Christmas gifts that use non-recyclable materials… make them! Edible Christmas gifts are the best way to show someone you care about them, and the environment. Whether you’re thanking a host, surprising a friend, or offering treats to kids, these simple snacks and sweets will put a smile on everyone’s face.

While Jen and Gaby’s zero waste Christmas lunch ideas may not impact the whole world (just yet), they will definitely redefine how your guests (or hosts) view their food wastage, and may encourage them to act more sustainably around the festive season.

Christmas dessert


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