The Wrappaporium was a campaign and series of events that Goodsmiths produced in Melbourne for Christmas 2018. We encouraged people to avoid buying single-use wrapping paper, to be thrown away without a second thought, and choose a better way to wrap gifts instead, one that will create a lot less waste.

The Wrappaporium, was a series of minimal-waste Christmas giftwrapping stations, that popped up at events across Melbourne during November and December 2018. We wrapped gifts with paper salvaged from commercial printers, and fabric off-cuts from wholesalers, destined for landfill.

The vast majority of the gift wrap available from our largest retail stores is manufactured overseas and imported to Australia.

It is estimated that each roll takes around 600Wh of energy (you could run a vacuum for an hour on that) and 330L of water to produce (plenty for a family of 4 to each take a long shower), emitting about as much CO2 as popping to the shops in your average sized car (about 1.5kms).

It all mounts up to a remarkable amount of effort and resource for what is fast becoming a single-use product. A product that decorates presents for a matter of days and then, if there’s too much sticky tape on it, it will miss out on the recycling process entirely and go straight to landfill.

And in December the volume of waste sent to landfill and recycling increases by up to 15%.

So the Wrappaporium came to the rescue.