Now we’re cooking with gas.

This week has just flown by and we’ve got two of our awesome hampers left from last week that are ready to fly as great prizes for doing, well, not very much at all.

Here’s how you can get one to land at your front door.

While these cool posters have been cropping up across town, the Boots on the Trail team (that would be Felipe and Javiera) have been handing out flyers all over the city.


If you spot a poster or get given a flyer, take a quick photo of yourself with either poster or flyer (or both 🙂 pop it up to our Facebook page, like the page, and you’re in to win! Make sure to use #SelflessSelfie in your post too, to get maximum kudos points.

These storming hampers contain goodies from 12 different social enterprises and they’re rather delicious. Winebiscuits, nutschocs… the list goes on.


So, remember, if you spot our posters or get hold of a flyer, take a snap, pop it up here with the #SelflessSelfie, like our page and you’re done. We’ll be giving the 2 best shots a hamper (that would be one each of course) and we’ll decide on the 15th December.

And, if you’d like a head start to hamper heaven and you’re short of a plan this evening, you could always get down to the last night of Melbourne’s awesome Night Noodle market and ‘run into’ the team.. they’ll be down there dishing out flyers from 6-8pm… or the Abbotsford Convent on Saturday morning from 10am for the Farmers Market. Couldn’t make it much easier than that!

See you next week!

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