Christmas has just become a rather large reality. It landed with the sublime subtlety of a falling steel girder, and the simple act of walking down my own, suburban street.

There we were, Papa (that’s me) Aspy (that’s my 2yr old) and Paisley.. our ball mad spaniel, headed for the park, when the front door of a single fronted Victorian flings open and out runs Jemima, Aspy’s young friend, excitedly exclaiming “we’ve been decorating the Christmas tree!”. Without missing a beat, Aspy, in his best Franglais, expectantly chimed in

“Papa, papa, un Christmas arbre pour us!?”


How cute, I thought. The warmth of admiration for one’s own son’s excitement was quickly mixed into other feelings of being sort of late, somewhat inadequate and kind of guilty. I’d even go so far as to say that it engendered a slight sense of panic to get into the spirit of Christmas. Now.

Build into that the fear of having to buy more plastic, get more ‘stuff’, create more landfill and you get that the girder landed with a bit of thump. And then redemption… The Good Xmas trail was here to save me!

I suppose those are probably not unusual feelings at this time of year and if you’re reading this then you’ll be rather chuffed that The Good Xmas Trail is starting to heat right up and, hopefully, with a bit of luck, there will be less landfill and a whole lot more cheer this year.

So what’s been happening? Well, it seems the Trail is getting noticed, mentioned, talked about.  But will this translate to more good actually coming from the Season of Goodwill?

We can but try. What we need is for any #GoodXmasTrail posts to be re-posted, tweets retweeted and pick up likes a plenty… and the more the better. So, if you’ve got a minute why not search for #GoodXmasTrail and repost it, retweet it, comment, follow, like, you know the drill. Every little helps. A rising tide lifts all boats.

The marketing activity kicked into overdrive and there’s some exciting stuff to look forward to.

There are now loads of these great street posters out and around Melbourne and, remember, if you see one take a selfie of yourself with the poster, post it to our Facebook page with the #GoodXmasTrail and you could win a hamper of goodies.


Can’t see any posters then how about these easy to spot mega-sites!? .. thanks to the amazing team at Plakkit we’ve got three billboards. One in the CBD, one in Richmond and one on the Calder Freeway. A huge thankyou and BIG respect to Maryanne for all her efforts over the last two years.


We’re still going strong with our flyers and word on the street is that a certain Greens Member for Melbourne has made another stirring speech to Parliament and if you keep your eyes peeled in this weekend’s Herald Sun, Age and Australian you might just catch a few mentions there too. Hoorah.

If you see anything about the trail on your travels, please take a photo and pop it up on Facebook Twitter  or Instagram with the #GoodXmasTrail, and you’ll be in to win a hamper.

Happy snapping and don’t forget to get the tree up!

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