Social entrepreneur Kathy Wong has successfully founded her own responsible business under the name Moeloco. For every Moeloco flip flop sold, a pair of much needed shoes is donated to children living in poverty, an initiative run in partnership with The Hope Foundation. Below, she gives us her insight on the rise of conscious consumers, and how companies have learned to adapt to in order to appeal more to customers.

“Businesses are noticing a change in consumers’ buying decisions, and acknowledge that they need to change the way they do business in order to be more successful. People are now more likely to invest in giving back and making a difference whether locally or globally.

As people are becoming more aware of ethical ways to contribute, they are also seeking new ways of feeling more purposeful. Additionally, consumers are growing more aware of how their purchasing habits are affecting each other and the world we live in. With the rise in social technology, the younger generation is also becoming a lot more culturally aware and savvy as companies are increasingly finding it more difficult to engage this particular group.

Conscious consumers are growing

There is a fast growing group of conscious consumers and their wallets are speaking volumes. Consumers are not just buying anymore. Rather, they are ‘intent’ buying from companies who have heart and soul and whose values are aligned with theirs. No longer do we accept token gestures from companies who do not care about the things we as consumers care about.

Social enterprises are doing just this. They exist and trade only to build strong community, trade ethically and fill a social mission for the greater good.

Consumers resonate with such businesses as they seek meaning in their everyday life and want to connect directly with the people behind the business or company. They want to establish real connections with real people who they are buying from and they want to see how it is contributing to society.”

Kathy’s company fights for sustainable business practices, and putting an end to international poverty. Want to buy a responsible pair of thongs that leave inspirational messages with every step? Be a more conscious consumer and take a look at Moeloco in the Goodsmiths business directory.

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