A department store with a difference? A unique retail concept? Or a community space for talks, meetings and workshops? Take your pick of these descriptions, and find a fit for all of them at the newly launched store The Green St Collective in Brookvale, Sydney.

The store is a collaboration of local businesses that have come together to provide a collection of quality, handcrafted products that make a difference in our world.

Green St Collective Launch Party

Founded by social entrepreneurs Rachel Pines and Mel Gray, the Green St Collective grew from their passion to support fair trade and ethical businesses. As Rachel states, “It’s really important to support small ethical businesses who are pushing against big brands to show there is a better way to do business.” She also has this tip for those looking to consume more conscientiously, “Plan in advance for purchases so that you don’t end up buying things at the last minute that aren’t in line with your values.”

The past, present and future

Before launching, Rachel and Mel worked from home for several years. But they wanted to expand, and a physical destination seemed the logical next step. They found the perfect fit for their needs in the hip Brookvale suburb of Sydney where they’ve transformed a warehouse space into an inviting and eclectic shopfront.

Rachel and Mel are keen to point out that The Green St Collective is not like a usual retail centre. It offers a place for like-minded locals to collaborate and network – you can buy beautiful products and attend workshops on areas of interest in the one space. The calendar of events will be released soon and will include workshops on essential oils, worm farming and composting, coaching for women in business, macramé for kids and lots more.

The Green St Collective is another step towards a future where “ethical shopping choices” have just become “shopping choices”, and where community can come together to share and learn from each other.

To find out more visit the The Green St Collective website.

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