In a galaxy not that far away, the research and sweating begin.  

October 2013. Heath, a close friend living all too far away, senses my struggle.  ‘Does this problem actually exist?’ He challenges me like only our friends can.

‘Get out and talk to people’. Heath offers up precious hours to keep me on track. I was never meant to work alone.

December 2013. Simon Davies comes crashing into the cafe with a nine-month-old in tow. Respect. Having been connected by a neighbour I’d met only two nights before, we start talking over coffee. And we haven’t stopped since. Talking, or drinking coffee. We couldn’t be more different, yet we agree on the fundamentals. We dive in together. We swim like mad. We struggle to make ends meet yet our drive to solve this makes me realise: we couldn’t be more alike.

Fast forward to August 2017. Goodsmiths is born. It’s been four and a half years seeking to resolve this elephant of a problem and and now we (and thank goodness there is a ‘we’) are about to start chewing like mad on some of Australia’s most prime cuts.

Goodsmiths… an optimistic vision that we are, and can be: the makers, crafters, buyers, demanders, suppliers and sharers of positive social impact. Of Good. 

Need proof?  Meet the Goodsmiths.

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