This is the small but, important, print section. It’s short and sweet as what we’re doing with Goodsmiths™ is a single-minded and focused attempt to do more good.

If you’re joining as a participating social enterprise or thinking of visiting one (or two, or three) please do so with the respect that the you would want someone to afford your own organisation and in the spirit of goodwill that this activity deserves.


Goodsmiths™ is a marketing campaign organised by Good Business Matters, hereon in referred to as the Organisers.

It has a specific aim: to raise the profile of Social Enterprises, thereby increasing their sales and helping them create more social impact.


Social Enterprise: For the purpose of Goodsmiths™, a Social Enterprise is considered to be an organisation that was founded with the express intention of creating positive social and/or environmental impact, and that uses commercial techniques (such as selling a product or service) to fund the organisation.

Other organisations will be considered to be a part of Goodsmiths™ at the discretion of the Organisers.

The Organisers of this Initiative reserve the right to alter the definition of Social Enterprise at any time, and will make all decisions regarding the eligibility of any organisation applying to take part in the Initiative.


Whilst it is the primary intention of Goodsmiths™ to raise awareness and increase patronage of Social Enterprises, the Organisers make no guarantees that the organisations taking part in Goodsmiths™ will achieve any benefit, material, or otherwise.


A social enterprise may enter into Goodsmiths™ by completing a form on the Goodsmiths™ website, or contacting one of the Organisers directly or through social media. The Organisers reserve the right to determine eligibility of any organisation applying to take part in the Campaign.


Anyone participating is invited to make use of marketing material, PR kits and communications that supports Goodsmiths™. This is proprietary IP of the Organisers and you agree to use it to promote your involvement in the Initiative as a whole.

We encourage using this material across all social media networks and digital channels. If there is a link to your site from the Goodsmiths™ site then please remember to create a reciprocal link on your own website.

The use of the logo and communications material is done so under license from the Organisers and we reserve the right to amend that material or remove it from usage without prior notice.