The satisfaction of buying a gift that someone will love can be multiplied this year by adding a touch more good. Check out Goodsmiths guide to buying or creating your own sustainable gifts that give back.

Whether it’s buying ethical or sustainable gifts, or buying from a social enterprise that is helping a social cause or a group of people in need, there are plenty of ways to extend the good feeling when handing over that beautiful gift. Here are just a few ideas of gifts that give back and are kind to our planet.

Embrace sustainability.

Find some uniquely eco friendly presents that you’d never know were doing so much good for the environment. They’ll be doing good each time the lucky recipient uses it, and you’ll have given an innovative present like no other they’ll receive. For the perfect sustainable gift why not give a living gift – try out CERES permaculture and bushfood nursery who stock an array of plants that will green up your family and friends homes.

CERES nursery plants sustainable gift

Reduce waste with repurposed wrapping paper.

Create your own wrapping paper by repurposing existing items found around the house, like newspapers and kids artwork. It encourages innovation and the gifts will certainly look interesting under the tree this year. If time is scarce, then look to social enterprise Loktaa who have beautifully hand-crafted wrapping paper. Made in Nepal with sustainably harvested treeless paper by Nepalese artisans using techniques that are centuries old. Loktaa also donates half of their profits to a charity supporting girls’ education and children’s literacy in Asia and Africa.

Sustainable gifts Loktaa wrapping paper

Second hand or vintage gifts.

Challenge yourself to find at least one second hand or vintage gift. Pre-loved doesn’t mean cheap. Finding something truly unique that suits the recipient to a tee, will help your actions speak louder than the money you spent. At social enterprise Green Collect you’ll find range of upcycled and recycled products including clothing and homewares, reusable items, organic body care and their carefully produced stationery products.

Minimise packaging

Support brands that minimise their packaging, especially when buying in multiples. If you are in charge of buying everyone in the workplace a certain item, then choose those that use the least packaging and work towards minimising waste. Vote with your purchase by choosing products and brands that use the most sustainable packaging. You may have never considered to look out for this, but some companies have, and that’s cause for some extra support.

Upcycle or make your own.

The art of a hand made gift has never gone out of style when done well and with care. Personalise your gift so that the thought and time alone speaks volumes of how much they mean to you.

While all of us here at The Good Xmas Trail are, of course, still hoping that you choose to support a social enterprise with your food and gift buying, this is a bonus round. Challenge yourself a bit further with your gift giving goodness to wrap up the festive season feeling even more joyful.

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