You may have noticed. For the past few years, there’s been a steady increase in the popularity of indoor plants. Greenery can be found in and around the home, be it an apartment, a share-house, the family home, offices, and probably your favourite cafes and restaurants too.

Pot plants galore

We’ve heard a few suggestions on why pot plants and indoor foliage are so in vogue at the moment. From lifestyle decisions to improved mental health it seems that bringing the outside in, is not only all the rage, but it diminishes our chances of falling into one too.

If you live in a small apartment you’ll know just how important it is to create a sense of space. Enter the Kentia palm with its calming and enveloping fronds. Or, if you’re a die-hard Aussie renter then portable pot plants are just right: moving is never exactly ‘fun’ but at least you can take your plants with you to your new place. For some people, unsure about taking that next big step with a pet or even a child, plants offer an opportunity for a test run with fewer consequences if you’re forgetful. Even Pantone, the authority on colour for designers and creatives, crowned ‘Greenery’ as 2017’s Colour of the Year as it symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.

Whatever the reason, it’s fair to say that plants, and greenery in general, just makes us feel good.

So, if you could do with having a few quiet, well-behaved, good-looking fronds around, then plants are just the answer. Here’s a few of our favourites.

For the office, these plants win points for their low risk and high returns.

Succulents: So many types to choose from, you’re sure to find a favourite amongst the weird and wonderful. They’ll grow easily from a cutting, and then water them once a week. Check the soil between waterings by touching it with a finger – if it’s still damp then you don’t need to water.

Weird and wonderful succulents

Devil’s Ivy: An easy-care climbing plant with heart-shaped leaves. It likes a bright room but doesn’t need direct sunlight, so it’s perfect for your desk where it can weave around and prettify your paperwork and to-do lists. Just like the succulents, don’t water them too much and don’t let the soil stay soggy. You can pinch out the growing tips now and again to encourage growth too.

Devil's Ivy in the Goodsmiths office

For the home, we’re loving these for their interesting shapes and beautiful textures.

Monstera Deliciosa: Also going by the name Swiss Cheese Plant, for its big, holey leaves, this tropical plant has had a popularity resurgence, and rightly so. Find a warm, sunny spot with plenty of space and it will grow happily. Water once a week, and dust off the leaves every so often to keep it looking its best.

Monstera deliciosa pot plant

Kentia Palm: This striking palm has tall stalks and arching, fan-like fronds. Find a bright room with indirect sunlight, and provide some humidity as well, such as using a mister to spray the leaves regularly. It won’t do well in dry air, such as from excessive heating or air-conditioning. This plant grows slowly, so is a good if you have an apartment or small space.


Or how about some herbs to spruce up your kitchen or courtyard? Read more here.

So go on, get planting!

Succulents in the office

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