If you’re running a social enterprise, an ethical or responsible business, an organisation driven by purpose, focused on more than simply turning a profit, then not only do we salute you… but you absolutely need to read on. This, right here, is for you.

Consider this a rally call, the sound of chance, a line in the sand.

Christmas is, almost frighteningly, just around the corner. For many of us that means ramping up our marketing and, hopefully, sales in time for that much needed break with loved ones.

From a business perspective we all know, deep down, what this period of festive and spirited goodwill represents: a real and solid opportunity.

Yet knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. In fact, in a weirdly ironic way, the very nature of the opportunity seems to load up the pressure to deliver ‘in time for Christmas’. There’s so much to do that we feel like whatever we do just won’t be enough. Our efforts can become stifled, our spirits dampened and the opportunity goes begging.

That is precisely why The Good Xmas Trail exists, to connect the Season of Goodwill to the stuff you’re selling and the Good you’re doing.

From the very outset we’ve been bowled over by the fabulous organisations that have been part of this initiative and we’re honoured to be rolling this year’s campaign out with so many coming back on board.

The Good Xmas Trail History Header

We never fail to feel a surge of enthusiasm when coming across new organisations and hearing about the myriad of business models devised to satiate customers with great products and memorable services, while putting so much back into our communities, supporting disadvantaged societies, and nurturing our ravaged ecology.

But where there are ups, there are usually downs.

For us, the downside is the disappointment of missed opportunities on the Trail; knowing of organisations who could, and should, have taken advantage of this campaign, who could have done so much with it, the people that we didn’t reach, the businesses that just couldn’t see past next month, or next week. In fact, what really grates is that the upside for everyone involved in The Good Xmas Trail, becomes limited only by the number of organisations taking part.

We rise by lifting others quote

So here it is – The Good Xmas Trail 2016 – it’s an opportunity staring you right in the face.

What you have here is a collaborative marketing campaign that promotes conscientious consumption at one of the busiest times of year. So, if you’re looking for a ready-made creative marketing campaign to piggy-back your own sales efforts off, then this is for you.

I could list a whole swag of reasons why, as an ethical business or social enterprise, you should be part of the Good Xmas Trail. I could write a piece about making sales, getting people through the door, getting noticed and remembered and yes, absolutely, those are all compelling reasons to be a part of the trail.

As it happens, that’s the precise feedback that we got from last year’s inaugural Trail, it’s what fueled us to do it again. Bigger, better, Gooder. But that’s not why you should do it.

You should be part of The Good Xmas Trail because we’re all in this ‘doing good’ business for the same reason. We’re bound by a golden thread that runs through every single organisation involved, from us the producers, to you, the local heroes, through to every single person and organisation who has made an effort to advance the overall cause.

The simple fact of the matter is, that if we all get behind this single idea, we’ll help raise the tide for all the boats that’s sit in the harbour. Yet the level will only rise for us all collectively if we contribute individually. The tide can only rise if we all make an effort and we all play our part.

So can you stop just thinking ‘why not’, stop wondering ‘what next’ and re-connect with the very reason you got into this business in the first place… and that was the same as us, to DO MORE GOOD.

Get on The Good Xmas Trail and seize this opportunity with both hands (and all your social media channels) to do more of exactly the thing that you set out to do in the first place.

Keep making a difference, you really are the greatest.

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