Women’s Tote Bag

by Tri Colour Federation


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Handcrafted from premium drill organic fabric, our organic bag is the essential daily piece. Features include smart phone pocket, wallet storage, reinforced straps and large storage capacity.

Dimensions: 37cm L x 20cm W x 30cm H

  • Made in Australia
  • Organic Cotton
  • Hand Printed in Australia Using Eco Friendly Inks

Tri Colour Federation’s products offer the quintessential fit with the lowest embodied energy footprint. Our styles are a conscientious commodity. Across the range, fabrics are made from recycled PET bottles and organic cotton. The cotton is sourced from the most sustainable denim mill in the world, which uses renewable energy systems and recycled grey water to formulate our chosen textiles. Products are individually handcrafted in Melbourne ensuring quality, consistency and support of Australian manufacturing.

Community initiatives include partnering with Zoo’s Victoria in conservation of the Northern and Southern Corroboree frog’s. This species is regarded as one of the most endangered amphibians on the planet with less then 50 numbering in the wild. TCF represents the societal and cultural values of alert Australian’s whom recognise the planet is at a crossroad. As a result, increased demand continues as more customers learn about and experience the brand and its products.

Why choose Tri Colour Federation?

Environmentally sustainability is in our jeans.

They’re dedicated to:

Protecting the environment.

They do this by:

Constantly evolving their sustainable denim fashion range and accessories, utilising specialised fabrics made of re-purposed materials that would otherwise be found in landfill. The label also works closely with their customers and suppliers to reduce their collective environmental footprint.

They’re helping achieve:

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