Private Dinner Experience

by Social Food Project


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Enjoy a sustainable 4-course meal in the privacy of your own home!

Lovingly prepared by our Social Food chefs, this restaurant quality experience will highlight the best of local seasonal produce.

The dinner includes 4-courses with matched wines for up to 8 guests. We are happy to tailor the meal to meet any dietary preferences, including vegan and vegetarian.

Take the stress out of Christmas this season and have a chef prepare and serve everything for you!

Why choose Social Food Project?

Food as a catalyst for social and environmental change

They’re dedicated to:

Sustainability education, that starts in the kitchen.

They do this by:

Connecting communities through sustainable food experiences. The Social Food Project understand that food is a social binder, it can build resilience, reduce social isolation, and co-create a better, more ethical future. Through regular sustainable food events, workshops and projects, people come together and shed light on sustainability initiatives such as how to eliminate excess produce into delicious shelf stable products; connecting local producers with urban consumers and how food can bring about a utopian future.

They’re helping achieve:

Click here for more SDG info.

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