While we believe that doing good is not solely reserved for the holidays, we certainly appreciate that it is a time where thoughtfulness can be in bloom. One of our newest Goodsmiths – Carina Tomietto, founder of Finders and Makers – shares her thoughts on being truly authentic at this magical time of year.

Thank you for the guest post, Carina.

“Each year as the holiday season approaches, many of us start to feel the same sense of dread. […] The need to tick all the names off our lists, to buy for those we love, for those we have to (and let’s not forget those random co-workers – damn Secret Santa), overrides our own personal values in many cases.

Without focusing on any specific religion or set of beliefs, the spirit of giving – whatever the reason – comes from a pure place inside of us. In most cases, its intent is to bring joy to the recipient, but consumerism has reshaped that value into something else. Something that looks like it might once have been joy, is now a weird mixture of things that leave us calculating and justifying rather than choosing with an authentic purpose in mind.

 So, what is that authentic purpose? It’s the act that should be with us all in a time of giving – the act of spreading love in ways that reach far beyond our imaginings. Just as the act of giving can be an act of love from you to another, the act of sourcing and choosing that gift can do the same and so much more.
“Finding the inspiring individuals who make beautiful things is our authentic purpose.”
There has been a shift in recent decades towards charitable purchases or making donations to those in need, on behalf of someone else. But more often than not, these purchases solve a short-term problem, then the act loses its value over time. Or only a portion of your money goes to where you think it should. […] Across the globe there are motivated hard-working individuals who want the same things that we want – health and wellbeing for their families and safety and security for them as they grow and build their futures.
Finding the inspiring individuals who make beautiful things is our authentic purpose. Giving you the opportunity to be a part of that is our reward. They use their most valuable assets – time, knowledge of traditional crafting techniques and artisanal skills, to create beautiful gifts that give so much more than just holiday spirit.
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