This article was written in partnership with Swati Somaia from Malaria Mission Teas.

We are making progress in preventing and treating Malaria!

It is estimated that over half a billion (yes, that is supposed to be BILLION) cases of Malaria have been quashed in sub-Saharan Africa since 2001.

“Since the start of this century, investments in Malaria prevention and treatment have averted over 6 million deaths. We know what works. The challenge now is to do even more.”

– Dr. Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General

This phenomenal achievement is due to the effort of social enterprises, charities and the people who have made their work possible…people like you and me.

While this is an extraordinary achievement, there’s still a big mission to fulfil.

Malaria remains one of the top three child killers in the world with one child dying every 30 seconds. That is one child every 30 seconds too many.

This statistic is what drives organisations like Malaria Mission Teas to keep fighting the fight.


By selling a range of African teas and coffees, they use the profits to distribute nets to families with children in rural Tanzania, who aren’t able to afford this life saving item. Unfortunately, children can’t take the strong Malaria medication so prevention is still the best prescription.

These nets are used in combination with indoor spraying and combination drug therapy for a solution that the UN has attributed to the last decade’s reduction in Malaria related illness and deaths.

It’s a sad fact that even with these tools, many children and adults simply don’t understand Malaria enough to avoid it or stop it spreading.

This is why Malaria Mission Teas are also responsible for education programs, taking aim at this issue from all the angles that they can. They aim to educate children and mothers about how to avoid contracting Malaria, and how to stop it spreading within the family or community.

When families receive a net, they are also taught about what it does, why it’s important and that sleeping under it can save their lives.

“We have been absolutely overwhelmed and are so grateful for the number of Australian people who support the cause and want to know more about Malaria.

We have only just scratched the surface of the many lives affected by this horrific disease and have a long way to go to eradicate it. However, together we can work towards ending one form of human suffering.”

– Swati Somaia, Malaria Mission Teas

What better way to help stop the spread of Malaria in Africa than by sipping your daily tea or coffee? It’s your choices that add up to help them continue creating change.

About Malaria Mission Teas

Malaria Mission Teas is an award winning social enterprise selling African tea and coffee. 100% of profits go towards buying insecticide treated mosquito nets for families with small children in the rural villages of Tanzania. For each and every pack of Malaria Mission tea or coffee sold, one net is donated to a family in Tanzania.

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