What better way to get to know someone than over a meal? We were joined by some change makers in the social enterprise sector for a mouthwatering lunch (thanks Kinfolk Cafe!) and a chat during our ‘Be a Goodsmith’ event at Donkey Wheel House in late August.

Change makers food at Be A Goodsmith event

Our engaged group listened closely as our guest speakers divulged their inspirations, motivations and business secrets. It was an opportunity for these amazing social entrepreneurs to forge new networks and share ideas to accelerate their social impact.

“Through learning and action, we create better ways of living together.” Cinnamon Evans, CERES. CERES are a social enterprise focused on sustainability. They have a café, an organic grocer, an education facility and venue spaces.

Change makers networking at Be A Goodsmith event

“Time is precious. You have the power to decide how to invest it, the impact you will have, the lives you will change. Define your moment.” Kristian Martinow, The Timekeeper. The Timekeeper is a for purpose business who sell watches with 100% of the profits funding projects for young people.

Goodsmiths event change makers

“I believe business can be a force for social change.” Jarrod Briffa, Kinfolk Enterprise. Change makers Kinfolk run a cafe focused on social inclusion.

Goodsmith event

“We always want to be adhering to those core values of integrity, transparency and respect.” Nick Pearce, HoMie. HoMie is a streetwear social enterprise that provides opportunities to those experiencing homelessness or hardship.

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