everyday-good-headerThe Good Xmas Trail is coming to a close for the Christmas period, but that doesn’t mean your support of social enterprises has to.

We certainly aren’t planning to stop here, with so many good causes and great products that can be used all year round.

Was there one cause that really resonated with you? Keep doing good with them! Was there one product you truly loved? Make it a regular purchase!

Here are a few social enterprises that can help keep you feeling good all year round.

  1. Buy your everyday essentials from a social enterprise. Did you love the toilet paper that is good for your bum and the world and available online? What about the bandaids that are biodegradable and help to end extreme hunger one pack at a time? Make them a regular in your bathroom cabinet.
  2. Stock up on a few pantry items regularly with a cause. Good old fashioned Aussie biscuits, macadamias, condiments, chocolate and tea can all be bought and kept on hand for when you need them, and that feel good feeling will flow back each time you open a new pack. Your next carton of wine or beer; order it online and choose your favourite charity. It’ll be there for when you need it and you’ve done some good before you even pop it open.
  3. Are you looking for some clothes or accessories? There are a surprising amount of on-trend and affordable choices from our social enterprises. When you’re doing your online shopping, bookmark a few on your browser to keep them easily on hand to check with when you’re in the mood. Brands like The Conscious Closet, Etiko and The Fabric Social will keep you looking fresh, while The Legend Project and Hosier Hoodies will keep you warm and working out in style.
  4. Donate your time to your favourite cause. It’s the old saying that “if every person on the planet did as you do, what kind of a world would we create?” Even volunteering a few times a year will help in a big way with some causes who are struggling to find support. Get a few friends together to multiply the good you’ve just done.
  5. Keep thinking good for your purchases. There are plenty more gift giving occasions that you can think good for – birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter, housewarmings, weddings. The list goes on, and so will the ripple effects from your support of a cause.

All of the good being done doesn’t have to end with social enterprises fighting for their causes. They are creating change each day in what they choose to do. Will you?

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