Everything’s closed. The streets are quiet and you’ve got the day at home…it must be Good Friday, notoriously the quietest day of the year.

What to do?

Luckily we have some great ideas to help.

It’s the perfect day for many of us to work through our dusty to-do lists – do the admin, tidy the house or check out that website we’ve been meaning to take a better look at. And shopping online these days means that you can find anything from eco-luxe stationery which funds empowerment programs for women around the world, through to a pair of undies that support kids in Africa.

Inspirationery Goodsmiths Good Friday

If you’d like to give your credit card a break for the day, there are plenty of other ways to have a wonderful Good Friday:

  • Start your day off how you mean to go on, with a relaxing cup of tea or an energy-boosting coffee. There’s a lot of choice when it comes to finding the right tea or coffee. Fair trade Australia have a great read here about the tenuous situation of the 25 million small-holder coffee farmers around the world.
  • Enjoy the Autumn sun and go outside – get your winter veggie garden underway. For inspiration take a look at the CERES nursery seasonal planting guide (CERES is a not-for-profit sustainability centre and urban farm in Melbourne).
  • Take a break and catch up on your reading. Blogs and websites we love include Dumbo Feather, The Big Issue, Finders and Makers, One Million Women.
  • Finish your Good Friday with a wine from GoodWill Wine while you kick back and imagine yourself jetting off on  your next holiday. And if you’re interested in letting a B Corp manage your holiday then look up Reho Travel (didn’t know travel agents were B Corps? Not sure why B Corps matter? Find out here).


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