In our everyday lives, there are some truly spectacular people.

They’re the ones who support us in their own ways, big and small, and make our lives markedly better simply by being by our side.

This past weekend’s Facebook competition left us feeling overwhelmed by all of the good deeds our followers shared with us.

Though we could only choose two winners, we thought we’d share some of the goodness as a reminder of all the different ways that we can be kind to one another.

There was the honest:
“Who puts up with me!”

The ones who just keep giving:
“I’d love to win this hamper to donate to a family in need. I am collecting food and Xmas presents to donate across to ‘The Movement Melbourne’. They do some amazing work, looking after those most in need and who go without in our communities.”

And the animal lovers:
“…Kindly caring for my cats whilst we moved states. We only discovered after we left one was pregnant – so couldn’t fly or catch the ferry to Tasmania. She rehomed all of the kittens for us and shares updates on their birthdays…….. I had only met this beautiful soul face to face a few times…. No words for the level of gratitude I have towards her for keeping my fur babies safe.”

There were the optimists:
“(Who) always bright, cheery and good motivation and proof that you can achieve anything you want.”

The helpers:
“She did all my washing when my washing machine broke and I have a family of 7- so that’s A LOT OF WASHING. She even gave me the fancy treatment and put fabric softener with my wash- made my clothes feel like a million bux!”

The everyday inspirations:
“(Who) inspires me everyday with her Facebook posting. I may have never met her in person but know she struggles with MS but still lives brightening up others lives online. Her body may no longer be as able but her heart and mind is strong! Amazing woman!”

And there were the ones where the thank you will never end:
“(Who) stood by me through breast cancer always visit me when I needed a friend.”

We laughed:
“…(Who) changed my youngest son’s incredibly smelly nappy, voluntarily! I appreciate you.”

And we were inspired about the next generation.
“My daughter (17) sees a SAD lady at the shops, (she) bought a smile emoticon pillow, approached the sad lady and gave her the pillow. The lady cried, smiled and hugged that pillow. This is one of many heartfelt gestures I’ve seen.”

Then there were quite a few that left us in awe:
“…(Who) gave up all his long service leave & holidays to look after me when i put in a wheelchair for 6 months. He deserves this wonderful prize.”

So from us to you, thank you for all of the good that is done everyday. Sometimes it’s the grand gestures, and sometimes it’s the call to your mum or changing a nappy that makes all the difference.

Everyday, let’s do some good for people around us.

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