Family can be blood relatives, or the people who are always there for you.

Whoever your family is, there’s sure to be a mixed bag of personalities in one room on Christmas day.

With a few small actions, you could make your family gathering more merry, no matter what your family dynamic is.

  1. Enjoy an activity together. A water fight for the more adventurous families, a present game that everyone can be involved in, a fairy floss machine so that young or old can whirl their own cone, or a good old fashioned Christmas trivia match with randomly selected teams are a few ideas to get you thinking. Activities change the atmosphere, get everyone involved and give you all something to discuss later in the day.
  2. Respect people’s choices. We each lead different lives and make choices in line with this. Christmas isn’t time to stir the pot, so do your best to sit back and enjoy the differences that make up your family.
  3. Give more than gifts. Help out in the kitchen, pop in to help set up with some music and snacks, or stay back to help with the packing up. You could also keep the kids entertained to give their parents a chance to chat and relax, or spend time with a family member who can sometimes be left out. Go the extra mile and experience the true joy of giving.
  4. It’s the little things. When the house is buzzing or everyone is full and sleepy after a feast, it can be easy to forget your manners. Small gestures like offering to top up someone’s glass as you do your own or standing up to get something for someone who is relaxing are all little things that will be appreciated.
  5. Think of a few entertaining stories to bring up that are sure to get conversation rolling. If things have gone silent or get a bit heavy, steer the conversation into more positive areas. Before you know it, the stories will be flowing and you may even learn a thing or two about earlier family gatherings that you never knew.

Going the extra mile to be a valued guest, entertainer or even peace keeper can set the tone for others to follow suite. Together, let’s create some really enjoyable memories this Christmas with our families.