everyday-good-headerYour Christmas gathering will undoubtedly be full of food, dance-offs and corny jokes as everyone lets their hair down and gets into the spirit of things.

It’s also a time for bags full to the brim of remnants of a good time that, sadly, can linger in the environment long after the event.

With a bit of conscious consumption and a few easy tricks, it’s easy to reduce waste at your events and feel like a hero during the clean up.

Here are 7 everyday good tips that will help make your event or party a hit!

  1. Get others involved in the challenge. Make your event a cling wrap free zone and ask everyone to both bring and take home everything in containers. If everyone’s on board, the impact is multiplied and adds up quickly. Plus, they’ll have delicious leftovers for the day after. 
  2. Have a few towels and tea towels handy for any spills. Who needs paper napkins when you can use festive reusable tea towels, complete with cheery and cheesy reindeer, Christmas trees and stars?
  3. Embrace good old fashioned cutlery. With most offices and homes having a dishwasher if you get a few willing people to share the clean up it gets done quickly and can be fun. No one should be stuck in the kitchen all night, so make it as easy as possible and share the load.
  4. Buy recycled or compostable wherever possible. If you can’t sway the others to give up disposable essentials do your best to minimise the number of everything used, and make the best purchasing decision that you can. Aim for recycled paper plates and cups – compostable wooden cutlery is a convenient and eco-friendly option.
  5. Visit your local bulk food wholesaler. Placing your treats straight into containers will keep them fresh longer, and you’re able to buy as much or as little as you need – don’t be limited by pre-determined pack sizes. There’s The Source Wholesaler, Wasteless Pantry and many organic stores like Terra Madre and Aunt Maggies, which offer bulk groceries. Just bring your own jars and containers. 
  6. Ditch the stigma of the doggy bag and send leftover food home for everyone to enjoy. This reduces waste and who doesn’t love Christmas leftovers the next day, when you can’t be bothered cooking? 
  7. Enjoy your event. Once you’re organised for the big event, kick back and enjoy it. If someone wraps a present in 20 layers so be it. Enjoy the fun of discovering it, and recycle the paper if possible. You can’t control everyone’s consumption choices.

Living a low-waste lifestyle or hosting a low-waste event doesn’t mean giving up fun. It’s about awareness and doing what you can, when you can then letting it flow into a good time.

In need of a venue or caterer for the Christmas gathering? We highlight some of your options here.

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