‘It’s the thought that counts.’

How many times have you heard that one? Five? Twenty? Two hundred? Too many to count? And we all know the subtext, don’t we? (Thanks… but… no thanks!)

Finding that perfect Christmas gift at the perfect price is hard enough without worrying about social responsibility… for goodness sake! But then again, that was before you discovered the diverse collection of social enterprises on Goodsmiths with a range of ethical Christmas gifts on offer. So, if you want to make your thought really count this season, here are some ideas to stuff those stockings – that are both brilliant and ethical.

Presents with a principled spin

From funky ethical homewares and accessories to snazzy stationery, beauty products and everything in between, The Goodness Bureau has you covered. With a philosophy of selling only responsibly sourced products, you’ll feel good about exploring all the earthy, exciting and ethical Christmas gifts on offer.

And with their selection of stylish cards, gift bags and wrapping paper, they’ll even help you get your Christmas packaged up and ready to go in no time.

the school of life books ethical Christmas gift

But if you prefer to give something that delves a little deeper, look no further than The School of Life. Its selection of games, flash cards, books and other mementos will challenge their emotional intelligence, recharge their mental health – and look impressive on anyone’s coffee table!

Ethical Christmas gifts of the delicious kind

Indulging in a little Christmas retail therapy never hurt anyone. But if you’re into something a dash more edible – and above all yummy – you can’t go wrong with a hearty Christmas hamper that also creates a positive social impact .

Like the sound of tasty treats that also help the unemployed develop workplace skills? Mixing festive feasts with a message of empowerment, each Recipe4Change hamper helps Australia become a place where no-one goes to sleep hungry.

Alternatively, how about a fresh fruit hamper from Fruit2Work? Where every sale helps a former offender turn their life around.

Not your average edible Kris Kringle

Who says the obligatory office Kris Kringle has to be dull as dishwater? When it comes to Christmas, presents that are socially responsible and genuinely delicious win the day.

Introducing Summerland House Farm, the social enterprise that makes and sells fresh relishes, jams, snacks and sauces onsite – all while providing valuable employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

(Pssst: You can’t go past their farm-fresh macadamia nuts. Truly mouth-watering!)

What’s more, as an all-in-one working farm, waterpark, playground, mini golf course and more, a visit to Summerland House Farm in stunning regional New South Wales makes for a fun day out for the whole family.

Life is also sweeter with Mildura Chocolate Co. chocolate bars, slabs and hampers. This social enterprise is making a real impact with their chocolate. Made in the lush environs of the Yarra Valley, you’ll be taking your sweet tooth for a spin while empowering disabled people to gain essential vocational qualifications.

Fashion – but not as you know it

If you can’t go past practical (who doesn’t need a new pair of socks each Christmas?), you’re going to love Etiko – the ethical clothing and footwear brand that supports cotton and textile producers in the developing world through Fairtrade.

the legend project ball ethical Christmas gifts

Have you noticed that activewear is like everywhere right now? With new brands popping up like mushrooms, for-purpose business The Legend Project is unlike any other. Combining their love of sportswear with a passion for tackling homelessness, The Legend Project provides clothing and other vital necessities to people in need with every sports bag, hoodie, t-shirt or wristband sold.

For the person who has it all (you know who we’re talking about!)

What do you buy for the person who… has it all?

If you or your ‘giftee’ support the humane processing of asylum seekers and refugees, a Welcome Committee doormat is a unique, practical and truly thoughtful gift. Made from 100% sustainable materials – with all profits reinvested into advocacy activities – your gift is sure to look good and make a lasting impact too.

Body Safety Australia puppet ethical Christmas gifts

But if you’re after the perfect something for your niece, nephew or other young ‘un, how about some cute little finger puppets that champion children’s rights? Created by the team at Body Safety Australia, your gift will help empower, educate and advocate for children’s safety.

With the helping hand of Goodsmiths, finding the perfect Christmas gift isn’t so hard after all. In fact, it’s all too easy to do good, feel good and be good. So go on. Take the first step. Meander down the Trail and take your wallet for a guilt-free spin today.

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