Flowing rivers, stunning wildlife and crisp clean air. Nature is all around us.

It feeds us, fuels us and gives us life. Literally. And despite what Kermit says, nowadays it’s all too easy being green. At Goodsmiths, we love the gifts Mother Nature has to offer. So we’ve searched far and wide to find ways for you to enjoy our wonderful world – while protecting it at the same time. Devour these great ideas including stopping food waste with food rescue, supporting social enterprises, immersing yourself in nature or visiting a sustainability hub – we have a myriad of environmentally friendly Christmas ideas for you.

With these rollickingly fun and friendly (environmentally friendly, that is) ideas up your sleeve, your Christmas is sure to turn up sweet.

Stop food wastage in its tracks

Wish you could merge your two greatest life passions – your love of food and your smartphone? Now you can while helping the planet and practising food rescue… with the revolutionary food app, Yume.

Yume is a unique marketplace that redistributes surplus produce so nothing is wasted. When one of your favourite food outlets finds themselves with too much of something, they simply pop it on the app – at 50% off its original price!

If you’re a true foodie, you’ll also love the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival fine dining event, Re-purpose Surplus, Celebrate Provenance. Hosted by Yume and with more celebrated chefs than you can count, the evening is a farm-to-table extravaganza not to be missed! Perfect for date night or any Christmas celebration.

Break open a Great Barrier… Sustainable Beer!

Are you ready for a sustainability initiative like no other? Introducing Good Beer Co.

Great Barrier Beer Sustainable Beer

Australia’s first beer social enterprise, the Good Beer Co. exists to support a number of pressing social and environmental causes. What’s more, proceeds from its inaugural brew, the Great Barrier Beer, go directly to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

The team at Good Beer Co. also lead the way in sustainable brewing with efficient water and energy use at the fore. No wonder they’ve received acclaim from the likes of ABC News, the Huffington Post and Mashable.

A hands-on eco-tourism experience like no other

Are you partial to a cuddly koala… or five?

echidna at Echidna Walkabout eco-tours

If so, get up close and personal on an Echidna Walkabout tour. These eco-tours are a special way to experience the wonder and complexity of Australian wildlife. It’s the perfect excuse to slow down and look at the world differently – while planting, weeding and learning about conservation at the same time.

Eco-tour operators, Echidna Walkabout are also funding the Koala Clancy Foundation, which is all about promoting the value of wildlife living wild and free.

Immerse yourself in a sustainability hub

With school holidays just around the corner, we’ve found the perfect family-friendly outing to add to your ‘must-do’ list.

The CERES Community Environmental Park has something for adults and kids of all ages. A plant nursery, grocery, café, events and workshops galore (anyone for cheese making?) are just some of the delights that await.

With the help of Goodsmiths, putting big green check marks next to ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘animal-friendly’ (when eating, drinking and shopping this Christmas) is now as easy as one-two-three… four.

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