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When two well established organisations merge, the importance of a single identity to act as the glue between them, one that clearly embraces everything about both businesses is of paramount importance.

The Preston and Thornbury Neighbourhood Houses had a combined total of over 60 years supporting their local communities. In coming together, the intention was to form a dynamic, future-focused entity, that was clearly bigger than the both of them.

Our task was to develop the marketing and brand strategy, a new name and visual identity to clearly articulate the connection that these houses have to society and the value that they contribute to the community.

Along with our brand development partners Voice, we formed a project team to find out what made these houses tick and how a revitalised brand could help forge a new direction for the new organisation.

Despite their different locations, customers, and histories, we identified the key thread that bound the organisations together: regardless of race, age, gender, or cultural background these two Neighbourhood Houses were committed to helping individuals take a step forward and overcome their “reasons why not”.

‘The Bridge’ became the name and brand that would help drive the new organisation forward. It represents a ‘coming together’ of people to forge connections and build a stronger community. The Bridge is a strong metaphor for helping people to overcome their challenges and begin moving forward.

The Bridge brand was launched on November 2016.

What We Did

Brand strategy and positioning, naming, logo and visual identity, stationery and signage.

Business and marketing planning, strategic marketing support, marketing collateral and ongoing management.

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