body safety australia brochure on table outside
body safety australia brochure on table inside

Body Safety Australia

Body Safety Australia (BSA) work to protect children from sexual abuse. They provide education and consulting services, as well as creating learning tools and publishing books for children. In order to expand their work to reach disadvantaged and marginalised communities, and support the most vulnerable children in our society, they were looking for corporates with whom they could develop partnerships.

Having worked with the BSA founders to build the fundamental elements of a strategy for engaging partners and sponsors, we quickly identified that one of the roadblocks to progress was the lack of succinct, professional collateral to leave behind.

The BSA Founders are great at getting their point across and telling their story, and getting themselves in the room, but how to make sure they stayed there?

We distilled their story down to some key messages, and modernised the existing look and feel of their brand, whilst ensuring their friendly and quirky edge still shined through, to create a single professional brochure.

What We Did

Partnership strategy, creative direction, brochure design, PR strategy and management

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