What’s going to happen?

Day 1: Thursday 14 Nov – Social Purpose Development


Arrival and registration


Why bother? You know purpose matters but what now? 

Social purpose workshops.

Sharpen your pencil, we’ll be working on your business from the get-go. You’ll be guided by expert mentors to explore and build on the social purpose of your business and evolve your findings into strategically sound business ideas and plans for your specific situation. In facilitated working groups, you’ll gain a new perspective on ‘purpose’ in your business across supply chain, governance, the environment, community and first peoples. If you don’t already have an idea about the role of your business in society, beyond making a profit, not only will that be clearer than ever, but, together, we’ll build on it to make it something that benefits the business

Jane Hadjion, Luke Watson
Sally Quinn, Founder of recycling business Green Collect,
Rod Little, Former Director & Co-chair of National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples,
Laura Conti, Founder of ethic & community driven social enterprise #GoKindly
Geert Hendrix, Founder of urban farming start-up Farmwall,
Sam Fisher, Mastermind behind zero-waste social enterprise cafe Moon Rabbit,
Megan Norgate, Founding Director of sustainable design studio Brave New Eco
Amber O’Connell , Economic Inclusion Manager at State Government Victoria


Coffee & Tea, Grazing Break


Why bother? (Part 2)

Build on the morning’s sessions and refine your business’ purpose: Dive deeper into your place in the community, how you interact with the environment, your relationship with first peoples, staff, supply chain and governance and the community. We’ll begin to generate horizon-based action plans with priorities and detailed activities to undertake.

Facilitators: Jane Hadjion, Luke Watson
Mentors: As above!


Lunch by Kinfolk

Social enterprise serving organic, seasonal food.


Donkey Wheel House Tour & Action Planning

Join our tour of Donkey Wheel House and learn how the tenants – 11 social impact businesses bring purpose into their everyday in action.
Businesses include:
Climate Council, Events by Kinfolk, The Big Issue, Kinfolk Cafe, Speld Victoria, Cogent, Benefit Capital, Per Capita, Ethical Property Australia, The School of Life, Progress Central, & Multiplex.

The tour will be for 35 people in three groups.

Each group will take turn to have the opportunity to meet the Donkey Wheel businesses and explore the finer points of doing good and doing well with the people who are actually doing it. When you’re not ‘on tour’ you’ll be in action mode: drafting emails, writing plans or even planning code. You might jump on the phone and start making calls or work with others to help each other along.




Q&A Session

What is a B Corp…Who cares about social enterprises…and what’s a social venture? 

This is where we cut through the jargon and discover what really works in purpose-led business.

Have your burning questions answered from some of our county’s most experienced purpose-led business leaders:
Col Duthie, Principle of Vocate, Executive Chair of Donkey Wheel Foundation, Director at Ethical Property Australia, Streat, & Give Where You Live,
Cinnamon Evans, CEO of Ceres, Chair of Senvic (Social Enterprise Network Victoria),
Dr Denise Hamblin, National FMCG Sector Head of Colmar Brunton,
Andrew Davies, CEO if B Lab Australia.

Open mic Q&A.


Break & Re-connect

Reset – Refresh – Rub-elbows


2040 film screening

Explore what the world might look like if we took the best of what’s already available, to address the chaos we’ve created in our environment. A vision for our planet. This Damon Gameau film is a story of hope, where practical solutions are addressed to build an optimistic future for our planet and our kids.

Then stay for a live Q&A with the team behind 2040:
Kim Ingles, the Associate Impact Producer, and
Anna Charalambous, the impact coordinator.

Day 2: Friday 15 Nov – Making it relevant workshops

Now you know what you want from your business and why, it’s time to share it with the world. Today we look at key tools and techniques to connect your purposeful business with the right customers in the right way.




Customer profiles

Step into your customer’s shoes – real people with real needs, wants and fears. You’ll be guided through persona creation to find out what makes your customers tick and what ticks them off. See your organisation from their perspective. Powerful, simple and actionable. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this before now.

Shuyen Phoon, Founder of In-Ro, Strategic Designer & Product Owner of Isobar,
Luke Watson, Creative Director/ Design Lead of Design Farm Collective,
Mike Halligan, Co-Founder of Scratch,
Cliff Moss & Simon Davies, Co-Founders of Goodsmiths,
Penelope Stephens, Marketing Manager of Goodsmiths


Customer Empathy

The surest way to fail your customers is by not understanding what they want. Every interaction your customer has with your organisation is an opportunity. By the end of this session you’ll have a deeper understanding of your customers’ experience. You’ll create a compelling view of their unmet needs by mapping their journey with your organisation. 

Facilitators & Mentors: As above!


Coffee & Tea, Grazing Break


Communications planning

Facilitators & Mentors: As above!


Lunch by Kinfolk

More organic & seasonal food to feed the brain.


Storytelling for impact

How best to share your story? Make impactful films on your mobile phone or share your message through a podcast?

Video & Podcasting workshops:

Everything you need to share your message is in your pocket. Learn how to use affordable, everyday tools – your phone –  to tell your story with audio or video. Find out from the pros, the tricks, tips and shortcuts so you can make videos you’re proud to show your customers. It’s easier than you think when you know how.

Jayde Harding & Natasha Akib, Digital Storytellers
Mike Davies, Human of Purpose




Where are the bodies buried?

We’ve all got them: stories of business and life that didn’t go to plan. Hear from brave souls in our industry, bearing all to tell us about their NQR moments, ideas and businesses. Then it’s over to you. This is going to be one fun emotional rollercoaster ride. Not to be missed.

Team 1 Bodies:  Matt Wicking, Susanna Bevilaqua
Team 2 Bodies: To be announced soon!


Where to from here?

A well deserved drink

Our plan for 2020.









2-Day Pass

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