Get to know your facilitators and mentors

  • Andrew Davies CEO

    B Lab

    B Lab is a nonprofit that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good. B Lab’s initiatives include B Corp Certification, administration of the B Impact Management programs and software, and advocacy for governance structures like the benefit corporation.

    Andrew Davies has joined B Lab as their new CEO after a career spanning commercial law practice and executive management roles, and most recently running a family office and his own businesses in the finance and recreation industries. Andrew is passionate about the role business can and should have in improving the world, contributing positively to change, and enriching the lives of everyone in our community.

  • Sam Fisher Manager

    Moon Rabbit

    With a commitment to doing things differently, Sam Fisher believes that businesses have the power to influence positive change. You’ll find her heading up the team at environmentally-innovative social enterprise café, Moon Rabbit in Preston. Since opening in early 2018 she has taken a “lets-just-do-it approach” in creating new systems to reduce the business’s eco-impact, whilst embracing the power of community. Through connecting and collaborating, thinking outside of the box and always asking the question ‘can it be done differently?’, Sam’s passion and motivation for change has Moon Rabbit on the fast-track to achieving their Zero-Waste Goal.

  • Shuyen Phoon Co-Founder


    Shuyen is a Strategic Designer and Product Owner at a digital agency, Isobar Australia, and is embedded in a team focused on product startups. Her role involves planning the product roadmap, overseeing the team execution and prioritising work done.

    She facilitates and coaches design thinking training to help equip staff with the tools and mindsets that enable innovative work & collaboration.

    She is also the founder of In-Ro, a subscription service that rents out preloved clothing to those who are fashion forward and environmentally conscious.

  • Mike Davis Chief Podcaster

    Humans of Purpose

    Mike is an original ‘human of purpose’ who discovered a passion for podcasts and honed his skills to use the power of deep conversations to drive social change, soon after launching his social impact consulting business and B Corp – Purposeful.

    He started Humans of Purpose in early 2017 and has grown it into Australia’s top podcast showcasing purpose-driven leaders, whose work has a positive social impact. Humans of Purpose has an audience of over 3000 subscribers and 12,000 fans on social media. The podcast has inspired listeners to work on their mindset and career choices with many interested in pursuing more meaningful work and healthier more purpose aligned lifestyle choices.

  • Matt Wicking Facilitator

    Cloud Catcher

    An experienced facilitator, MC, artist, and activist, Matt works with progressive groups to help them amplify their impact through his freelance facilitation practice, Cloud Catcher. He also creates and performs music with Melbourne band, The General Assembly. More at and

  • Susanna Bevilacqua Director

    Moral Fairground

    Susanna Bevilacqua is the founder and director of Moral Fairground. An inspirational, collaborative and visionary individual who believes that every action should have a positive impact on people and planet.Susanna is passionate about exploring how purpose driven enterprises and citizens can lead positive change and create vibrant and collaborative communities. She works with purpose driven enterprises and diverse networks, delivering initiatives and projects that encourage collaboration, shared value and impact.

    Susanna has broad and diverse experience, with over 27 years working and leading community based initiatives through the banking sector and 10 years creating events and programs with Moral Fairground. Susanna also sits on the board of the Moreland Early Years Management and is the Social Enterprise Ambassador for the Australian 2021 SEWF bid.

  • Cinnamon Evans CEO | Chair


    Cinnamon Evans is the CEO of CERES, a Melbourne icon, known around the world for embodying what is possible when communities come together to support more sustainable and just ways of living. Through Cinnamon’s leadership, CERES has developed a network of 12 social enterprises that enable customers to connect with each other and the Earth. CERES is 95% trade-funded and remains a collaborative community organisation.

    Cinnamon has tertiary qualifications in education and environmental science, collaborative management and group facilitation. Cinnamon is the current Chairperson of SENVIC (Social Enterprise Network Victoria), an emerging network of social enterprise practitioners and supporters. Cinnamon is particularly passionate about the role of social enterprise in delivering environmental and social change, having experienced first-hand the transformative power of this movement.

  • Dr Denise Hamblin National FMCG Sector Head

    Colmar Brunton

    A passion for insights, and all-things food and wine, saw Denise trade in neuroscience for consumer science. Denise is currently the National Sector Head for FMCG at Colmar Brunton and the champion for their Millennium Monitor – a longitudinal tracker of evolving Australian values and the impact on the products and brands we desire. Research that maximises the success of Australian businesses and that tunes into these values are Denise’s areas of expertise, strongly aligned with Colmar Brunton’s resolve to make a difference.

    Colmar Brunton is one of Australia’s largest market research agencies and a specialist in FMCG across the Asia Pacific region. They have 30 years’ experience across all types of research and tailor the approach to meet the exact requirements of their clients. Their ability to help our clients optimise their brands and products is enhanced by the understanding of evolving social values, global palates, trends and benchmarks; supported by their national team which includes world leaders in insight, strategy, sensory science, marketing science, qualitative and quantitative techniques and analyses.

  • Kim Ingles Associate Impact Producer


    Kim Ingles is a documentary producer, editor and impact producer with over ten years experience in the film industry. She has produced films in Australia as well as leading international campaigns across Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Kim’s passion lies in amplifying social and environmental issues by telling stories that educate, empower and inspire audiences to positive action. With a passion for sharing and scaling stories with a good message, Kim has also spent the past few years working as an Impact Officer with the Environmental Film Festival Australia, and facilitating workshops for Digital Storytellers’ ‘Stories for Impact’ programs that are run for change-makers, social enterprises, grassroots and not-for-profit organisations, to help build storytelling capacity for impact. She has a Bachelor of Communications and a Masters degree in Creative Media (TV/Film).

    Currently, Kim is the Associate Impact Producer on award-winning Director Damon Gameau’s (‘That Sugar Film’) new feature documentary ‘2040’ and the Impact Producer on Good Thing Production’s feature documentary “The Australian Dream”.

  • Anna Charalambous Impact Coordinator


    Anna Charalambous is a Melbourne based filmmaker with a drive to create authentic and thought-provoking content. Graduating from Deakin University with a bachelor in Film, Television, and Animation she has spent the last 4 years freelancing in the film industry. Anna has produced a diverse range of short films which have featured in festivals around Australia. Beyond short films, she has been involved in varying sorts of narrative productions from Associating producing to Assistant Directing. Anna has worked on Australian Feature Films PAPER CHAMPIONS, THE FORT, LOST GULLY ROAD, her credit list runs further into web series, music videos, and TVC’s.

    Starting in 2018 Anna now only runs single-use free film sets and has successfully completed this over 7 projects to date. Understanding that anyone can implement change was a massive driving force behind the single-use switch and this has now created a wave of like-minded filmmakers within her community also making the switch. Anna joined the “2040” team in July of 2019 as their Impact and Community Screening’s coordinator, working closely with their audience to help realise a brighter 2040 together.

  • Mike Halligan Co-Founder


    Mike grew up idealistic and curious. He initially shunned those talents while he pursued a sports career. However that wasn’t to be, so Mike went on to develop a professional life building brands and developing marketing and digital strategies.

    In 2018, as Michael’s Cocker Spaniel, Brandy, neared her final days, he began to research dog food in a quest to improve her failing health. He soon uncovered an unregulated industry that was delivering poor quality products, which along with inadequate labelling, made it difficult for consumers to know exactly what their pets were eating. Within two weeks of researching dog food, Mike had quit his job and the idea for Scratch was spawned. He was then fortunate to meet pet food guru, and co-founder, Doug. Together they teamed up to create an impactful business that delivers ethical dog food products direct to consumers.

  • Richard Evans Managing Director

    Talent Nation

    Richard Evans is the Managing Director of Talent Nation, Australia’s leading recruitment firm specialising in Environment and Sustainability. With over 20 years of Executive Recruitment experience, Richard established Talent Nation in 2012. He wanted his recruitment business to connect purpose driven people to purpose driven roles.

    As a founding BCorp, and signatory to the UNGC, Talent Nation live the values of their impact driven client and candidate base. Talent Nation have recently released the 2019 Remuneration Survey – the first remuneration benchmarking report for Environment and Sustainability professionals in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to his role at Talent Nation, Richard is a Director of the Banksia Foundation which is Australia’s preeminent recognition program for excellence in sustainability.

    In his down time he can generally be found at one of his three sons sporting pursuits, exercising his over-enthusiastic dogs, or kitesurfing on Port Phillip Bay.

  • Amber O’Connell Economic Inclusion Manager

    Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions, State Government Victoria

    Amber heads up the Victorian Government’s Social Enterprise Strategy and Community Revitalisation programs. She is committed to utilising the best of both business and social policy to create a more equitable and just society. With a background in impact investment, as well as social enterprise and investment readiness consulting, Amber brings a breadth of valuable experience in using business as a force for good to her government role.

    Amber previously was head of capacity building for a large European impact investor that was operating in developing and emerging economies. This investor had an exclusive focus on purpose-led enterprises and cooperatives. Amber has an undergraduate degree in International Business and a master’s degree in International Development. She delights in merging the two worlds to create positive change.

  • Megan Norgate Founding Director

    Brave New Eco

    Megan Norgate is an Interior Designer, Permaculture Designer and a Sustainable Design Consultant. She is the founding Director of design firm Brave New Eco. Megan has a holistic design approach that integrates the built, interior and ecological environments and has developed a unique design framework for her own practice based in the Permaculture design ethics and principles.

    In the last 14 years Megan has worked with over 100 households to transform their living environments for. Megan speaks and write regularly on sustainable design topics for various publications, has developed and taught sustainable and ethical design electives at the School of Architecture and Design RMIT, and is endlessly curious about using design as a tool for ecological resilience and social change.

  • Luke Watson Creative Director / Design Lead

    Design Farm Collective

    Luke designs ways to tell the story of change within an organisation. He uses visual storytelling and business and design thinking methodologies to understand, challenge, and craft stories that encourage ownership, trust, and comprehension of organisational strategy and innovation.

    He has used illustration, Lego and craft to bridge the gap between the intent and reality of business strategy implementation for the NFP, arts and culture, sports, logistics, government, utilities, finance and agriculture sectors.

    Luke creates tangible and accessible ways to translate complex business subject matter into real life moments.

    He is also an internationally published cartoonist and illustrator.

  • Sally Quinn CEO & Co-Founder

    Green Collect

    As CEO and co-founder of Green Collect, Sally has seen this leading provider of resource recovery services grow across Melbourne. Green Collect demonstrates innovation and best practice in the sustainability industry.

    Sally has guided the business through its start-up, growth and scaling up phases. At the heart of Sally’s work is a dedication to creating meaningful and supportive work for people who have been excluded from the labour market due to homelessness, mental health diagnoses and refugee experiences.

    Prior to Green Collect, Sally had spent 14 years working in the homelessness and community development sectors. This shaped her desire to work outside existing systems and discover new solutions through an impactful social enterprise framework. Running Green Collect, along with her partner (fellow Green Collect co-founder Darren Andrews), as well as parenting 4 kids has meant that life for Sally is constant juggling act.

  • Sandra Capponi Co-Founder

    Good On You

    Sandra is the co-founder of Good On You, which is an app that gives ethical ratings for thousands of fashion labels based on labour practices, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. Good On You wants to empower shoppers so they are better equipped to know the impact of fashion brands on people and the planet.

    Sandra has over 10 years experience in corporate social responsibility, including a role as Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at NAB. She has long been concerned with sustainability and supply chain issues in big business. Good On You was founded because she sees huge potential in using people’s purchasing power to drive industry change.

    Founded in 2015, and now with more than 300,000 users of their app or website, Good On You is certainly breaking new ground at a phenomenal rate.

  • Rod Little Former Director & Co-Chair

    National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

    Rod Little, the third eldest of 11 children is a proud Wilunyu and Wajuk man of the Yamajti and Nyoongar peoples of Western Australia. Rod is also a Stolen Generations victim, who hails from Geraldton, WA where some of his family still live. Rod is currently based in Canberra.

    Rod lives and breathes Cultural Integrity; the essence of his work, whether as Managing Director, CEO or independent consultant, has been to inform both the public & private sector on respectful engagement through cultural knowledge and understanding.

    Rod was previously an elected member & chairperson of the ACT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Elected Body and, over the last 15 years, has focused his work in the public sector, advising on social policy and specialized in Indigenous matters.

    Since 2011, Rod has been an active Director and Co-Chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, until recently. His formal role was to serve Congress members and communities, representing and advocating for their rights as well as the improvement to the lives of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

  • Geert Hendrix Founder


    Geert is a Founder and Director of Farmwall, an agrifood-tech startup that designs urban farming technology and experiences to enhance fresh produce accessibility in the city.

  • Laura Conti Founder


    Laura created #GoKindly as an expression of her values, and after 15 years working in Finance for Transformation, Digital and Entrepreneurial businesses.
    She started wondering ‘why is the world not kinder to people in need?’

    Laura is co-founder of #GoKindly, a social enterprise creating ethically sourced bed+bath goods. Their signature product is a beautiful bedroom pillow. 50% of the profits go to supporting women experiencing homelessness. She is a Chartered Accountant, an adventure motorbike rider, an ocean swimmer, and a laze-fair mother.

    Laura was raised in a Fundamentalist Christian group, and made a difficult decision at 19 years of age to leave and was excommunicated from her family and community. She was supported by charity groups while obtaining an education and later a career. She wonders if she had not been shown that kindness, if she would be so fortunate now?

  • Cliff Moss Co-Founder


    Clifford is passionate about investing time and energy into developing and supporting brands with purpose because these are the ones that consumers will care about in the long-term and the ones that actually matter.

    An experienced public speaker and self-confessed social entrepreneur Clifford took his time to find his calling. Over the last 20 years he has worked in the commercial property, film and creative marketing industries and has finally come to rest in the world of purpose-led business. In 1997 he established his first creative agency,, that he left 9 years later with 15 staff, a turnover of $6m and corporate clients in New Zealand and Australia.

    His most recent ventures, Good Business Matters and Goodsmiths, have recently merged under the single banner of Goodsmiths. Goodsmiths is working to redefine consumption; engaging with both consumers and businesses to provide clear guidance and facilitate connections to grow good consumption behaviour.

  • Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist


    Jane is awesome, but don’t take our word for it, she will send us a bio soon.

  • Col Duthie Principle | Executive Chair

    Vocate | Donkey Wheel Foundation

    Col works behind the scenes to facilitate change. He supports leaders who work to make the world better by:

    • Designing and facilitating programs to create strategic clarity, develop leadership cohesion and cultivate stakeholder buy-in.
    • Serving on the boards of social purpose organisations.
    • Coaching and mentoring leaders to be their best selves, at work and in the rest of life.

    He has worked with senior leaders within the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commission, VicWater, World Vision Australia, Victoria Legal Aid, Salvos Stores, The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, Baptcare, Social Ventures Australia, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Justice Connect, Ethinvest and dozens of other for-purpose organisations. He is currently Executive Chair of Donkey Wheel Ltd, Deputy Chair of the Give Where You Live Foundation, a Directors of Ethical Property Australia Pty Ltd and of STREAT Ltd.

    Col has various professional accreditations and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Over the last 12 years, as family commitments have permitted, Col and his partner Maria have been itinerant and agile. They have lived and worked in Port Moresby, on the Sunshine Coast, in Melbourne and Launceston and in a caravan along the northern NSW coast. They are now based in Barwon Heads, Victoria but still spend as much time as possible living and working in their caravan.









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