Thursday 14th Nov &
Friday 15th Nov 2019

Donkey Wheel House,
Melbourne CBD

Get practical advice.
Join workshops.

What is it?

Two action-oriented days to weave ethical practices into your business and power you along your purpose based journey.

Why bother?

Because you want your work to be meaningful and impactful while still being profitable. Not one or the other. Both.

Because you’re tired of talk-fests and want to get s#!t done. And because you expect to be able to do good and do well.

If you want to be part of two days of inspiration, connection and action, then this is for you.


What will happen?

A lot. Expert mentors and facilitators will guide you to define and articulate your social purpose. We’ll work on what matters to you and your customers and how to best communicate it.

You’ll deep-dive into messaging and marketing, make impactful films on mobiles and at every stage, we’ll make sure you’re developing valuable connections and embarking on well-designed collaborations.


Who will be there?

The most important people there will be you. So, with just two days to work out which ethical practices matter to you and how to implement them, we’ve curated a fistful of Australia’s finely-tuned minds and facilitators to make your experience as effective and valuable as possible.

Everyone here has been successfully operating in the social sector for many years and are well versed in the commercial realities of business.

  • Sally Quinn
    Sally Quinn CEO & Co-Founder

    Green Collect

    As CEO and co-founder of Green Collect, Sally has seen this leading provider of resource recovery services grow across Melbourne. Green Collect demonstrates innovation and best practice in the sustainability industry.

    Sally has guided the business through its start-up, growth and scaling up phases. At the heart of Sally’s work is a dedication to creating meaningful and supportive work for people who have been excluded from the labour market due to homelessness, mental health diagnoses and refugee experiences.

    Prior to Green Collect, Sally had spent 14 years working in the homelessness and community development sectors. This shaped her desire to work outside existing systems and discover new solutions through an impactful social enterprise framework. Running Green Collect, along with her partner (fellow Green Collect co-founder Darren Andrews), as well as parenting 4 kids has meant that life for Sally is constant juggling act.

  • Sandra Capponi
    Sandra Capponi Co-Founder

    Good On You

    Sandra is the co-founder of Good On You, which is an app that gives ethical ratings for thousands of fashion labels based on labour practices, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. Good On You wants to empower shoppers so they are better equipped to know the impact of fashion brands on people and the planet.

    Sandra has over 10 years experience in corporate social responsibility, including a role as Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility at NAB. She has long been concerned with sustainability and supply chain issues in big business. Good On You was founded because she sees huge potential in using people’s purchasing power to drive industry change.

    Founded in 2015, and now with more than 300,000 users of their app or website, Good On You is certainly breaking new ground at a phenomenal rate.

  • Rod Little
    Rod Little Director & Co-Chair

    National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples

    Rod Little, the third eldest of 11 children is a proud Wilunyu and Wajuk man of the Yamajti and Nyoongar peoples of Western Australia. Rod is also a Stolen Generations victim, who hails from Geraldton, WA where some of his family still live. Rod is currently based in Canberra.

    Rod lives and breathes Cultural Integrity; the essence of his work, whether as Managing Director, CEO or independent consultant, has been to inform both the public & private sector on respectful engagement through cultural knowledge and understanding.

    Rod was previously an elected member & chairperson of the ACT Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Elected Body and, over the last 15 years, has focused his work in the public sector, advising on social policy and specialized in Indigenous matters.

    Since 2011, Rod has been an active Director and Co-Chair of the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples. His role was to serve Congress members and communities, representing and advocating for their rights as well as the improvement to the lives of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people.

  • Laura Conti
    Laura Conti Founder


    Laura created #GoKindly as an expression of her values, and after 15 years working in Finance for Transformation, Digital and Entrepreneurial businesses.
    She started wondering ‘why is the world not kinder to people in need?’

    Laura is co-founder of #GoKindly, a social enterprise creating ethically sourced bed+bath goods. Their signature product is a beautiful bedroom pillow. 50% of the profits go to supporting women experiencing homelessness. She is a Chartered Accountant, an adventure motorbike rider, an ocean swimmer, and a laze-fair mother.

    Laura was raised in a Fundamentalist Christian group, and made a difficult decision at 19 years of age to leave and was excommunicated from her family and community. She was supported by charity groups while obtaining an education and later a career. She wonders if she had not been shown that kindness, if she would be so fortunate now?

  • Jane Hadjion
    Jane Hadjion Corporate Ecologist


    Jane is awesome, but don’t take our word for it, she will send us a bio soon.

  • Col Duthie
    Col Duthie Chair

    Donkey Wheel House

    Col works behind the scenes to facilitate change. He supports leaders who work to make the world better by:

    • Designing and facilitating programs to create strategic clarity, develop leadership cohesion and cultivate stakeholder buy-in.
    • Serving on the boards of social purpose organisations.
    • Coaching and mentoring leaders to be their best selves, at work and in the rest of life.

    He has worked with senior leaders within the Victorian Legal Services Board and Commission, VicWater, World Vision Australia, Victoria Legal Aid, Salvos Stores, The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, Baptcare, Social Ventures Australia, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Justice Connect, Ethinvest and dozens of other for-purpose organisations. He is currently Executive Chair of Donkey Wheel Ltd, Deputy Chair of the Give Where You Live Foundation, a Directors of Ethical Property Australia Pty Ltd and of STREAT Ltd.

    Col has various professional accreditations and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Over the last 12 years, as family commitments have permitted, Col and his partner Maria have been itinerant and agile. They have lived and worked in Port Moresby, on the Sunshine Coast, in Melbourne and Launceston and in a caravan along the northern NSW coast. They are now based in Barwon Heads, Victoria but still spend as much time as possible living and working in their caravan.

    Col’s blogs are at (business) and (personal)

Not for the faint-hearted

If you’re a business owner, manager or team leader cultivating a positive culture at work, one that balances people, profit and planet then this is for you.

If you’ve realised that customers expect more and better from brands and you want to create meaningful connections and loyal customer relationships, then this is for you.

If you want to feel confident about your future business decisions, based on a clear line of sight on what you stand for and why, then this is for you.

And if you’re prepared to lean into a swag of new relationships and make your day-job a whole lot more meaningful, then this is for you. If not, then best you stay behind your desk and keep checking your emails.



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