A little effort goes a long way and your party guests will notice.

The holidays are often full of loved ones, parties and gifts. Not to mention all the waste that’s created. For your next party, try adding a little extra TLC with these unique eco-friendly party decorations. Rather than going and spending money on decorations you’ll never use again, why not create decorations reusing items that would otherwise go to waste.

For your next party, try adding an environmentally conscious spin by reusing and recycling common items around the house to create some gorgeous party decorations. Not only will you be reducing waste, you’ll also save a few pennies as well. Show that you care by creating your own handmade sustainable party decor. Here’s a few of our favourite DIY eco-friendly decoration ideas you can use for your next party:

eco-friendly party decorations pom pom

Image from Pop Sugar

Plastic bag pom poms

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year and have no time to buy fancy decorations, try adding these simple string pom poms to liven up the food or drink area. Or, if you’re the gift-giver, save on the ribbons and add one of these as a gift topper. It’s basically free decor and all you need is plastic bags, scissors and a little string!

 eco-friendly party decorations can wine rack

Image from Brit+Co

Coffee can wine rack

I know Melbournians love their coffee, so most people shouldn’t have a problem pulling together empty coffee cans to create this homespun canister addition for your next party (you can also use tomato cans). You can neatly display your party wine and have your guests wondering how you were able to stack them like that. The cool thing is you can add more cans as your wine collection grows. 

 eco-friendly party decorations cork trivet

Image from Crafty Nest


Cork trivet

And to go along with the wine rack, this is one of my favorites! I have always been baffled at the idea of keeping corks in a glass vase, I never really understood the point of it. For all my wine enthusiasts out there, don’t throw your corks away! There are still great things that you can do when the wine is gone. Reuse your wine corks with this great DIY project. It will not only add some personality to your party but it will also protect your tables from hot pans (you can even double up and use them as coasters).

 eco-friendly party decorations plastic bottle lights

Image from Easy Paper Crafts


Plastic bottle party lights

If you’re looking for an extra touch of glow for your party, these bottles look great and definitely spark conversation. The best part about these party lights is they can go indoor or outdoor depending on the atmosphere, and you can keep them all year round.

So, when you’re planning your next party, think cost-effective and eco-friendly. At the end of the day, you’ll feel that you’ve really accomplished something, creating awesome eco-friendly party decorations with your bare hands while reducing your carbon footprint. Integrate doing good into your party planning and inspire your guests as well!

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