It’s an Easter game played in Greek households across the world – red hard-boiled eggs are bashed together and the last egg standing wins. And to make it interesting, crafty old grandpa might just try to sneak in a wooden one (again) or your sly uncle will swap his egg for a rock-solid frozen one.

Easter means different things for different people. It’s chocolate, it’s the annual camping trip, it’s time to spend with the family. It’s also a time where Australians go shopping.

Easter is a key sales period for retailers and every year we see retailers increase their sales with innovative Easter products.  – Russell Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Australian Retail Association.

But Easter doesn’t just have to be about eggs (even red ones). There are many ways to make this time of year meaningful and easily do good for someone else…while filling up on chocolate. Here are a bunch of Easter gifts with meaning.

For little ones, the Happily Made Snoogu bunnies or A Little Good’s collection of Easter toys are sugar-free options that last all year and provide employment for people in developing countries. Delicious chocolate options can be found at Only Just or Mildura Chocolate. Or if you’re looking to “choose chickens over chocolate”, then Care Gifts provide the opportunity to buy a chicken for a family in the developing world. 

Care Chicken Easter gift

Alternately you could forego the focus on Easter traditions altogether and book your Easter Sunday at one of the Lentil as Anything cafes across Australia, where there’s no set prices and customers pay what they can for a meal. And for our Sydney-based Goodsmiths, a private Taste Cultural Food Tour for you and your friends would be a highly memorable way to spend your Easter lunch. These authentic foody tours are all done by local people who share their local history, culture and importantly their food.

However you decide to spend your Easter break, there are many opportunities to be a Goodsmith and find Easter gifts with meaning.

We’d love to know what good things you do this Easter. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram later this week for the chance to share your good Easter with us and win a great Goodsmiths prize.

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