Do Good & Do Well

The Do Good & Do Well event was created with the purpose of facilitating a melting pot of ideas and new relationships, all driven to explore the development of purpose-led business. As a part of the Small Business Festival, the event was hosted at the beautiful CERES Environmental Park and brought together a network of passionate social entrepreneurs, doers and makers.

Only joining Goodsmiths halfway through the planning of the Do Good & Do Well event, I was not entirely sure what to expect for the day. Welcoming guests and overhearing the conversations taking place, quickly told me I was in the middle of a budding community who shared a passion for creating business with purpose. Not only was it my first Goodsmiths event, it was my first time attending a ‘conference’ of any sort. Apparently, speakers at these events usually wear suits…? I’m grateful that I got to hear from and learn from ‘not your typical’ CEOs, business founders and community members (without a suit in sight), who, like me, are passionate about a future where social change and business are one and the same.  

Welcoming guests to the Do Good & Do Well event

We explored the ideas of working together to achieve social change…

“Who we give our money to has enormous power and if we can redirect our spending away from business that do harm and towards businesses that do good, we can make a really big difference.”-Cinnamon Evans, CEO of CERES Environmental Park

Cinnamon Evans taking guest for a tour around CERES

“Social change is not from the top, social change is grassroots organisations and people working together to change realities.”-Luz Restrepo, Founder of SisterWorks

Guests mingling

“The big step to a natural economy and a sustainable life for humans and life on this planet is such a big leap away that if we can start imaging the tiny steps, that’s the most powerful thing we can do.”-Chris Ennis, CERES Fair Food Founder

Guest on a tour around CERES

Walking through CERES

Overcoming challenges…

“There are never really failures. Just moments where you can refine and clarify what you’re doing. If you can adapt, you’ll be successful.”-Nick Pearce, CEO and Co-founder of HoMie

Nick Pearce talking on the panel at the Do Good & Do Well event

Guests mingling over lunch at the The Merri Table

“Now when things go wrong, what I try to do is just gather the key takeaways. What can I learn from this? And then just move on. Its history.”-Scott Fry, Founder and Master Chocolatier of Loving Earth

Loving Earth chocolate

Chickens at CERES Do Good & Do Well event

And exploring new opportunities.

“One of the key things that have helped us in our journey are mentors. The people who help you find you voice and what you want.”-Luz Restrepo, Founder of SisterWorks

Mingling at the Do good & Do well event

Do Good & Do Well Digital Story Tellers workshop

“Building local and online networks… you don’t necessarily need to go far…it can be right there on Facebook”-Tahlia Mandie, Founder of Kakadu Plum Co

Drinks and nibbles at the closing of the event

By the end of the day I was feeling high on excitement and inspired by the people around me. There was a warm feeling of inclusion and collaboration that filled the space that I believe was unique to this special event. Thank you to everyone who came, engaged, learnt and made the day such a success.

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