It started with a crepe, that was rolled into a wild idea, that morphed into a pretty cool website and matured into a campaign that’s getting noticed and talked about in all the best places.

Like the main chamber in Federal Parliament.

adam bandt mentions the good xmas trail

I wish I was able to deliver the message as succinctly as this excellent chap. It’s no wonder he’s the Federal member for our oh so liveable city.

I have to extend, on behalf of everyone involved, a huge thankyou to Adam and his team for the work they do and for championing the idea that it’s just not that hard to do some good with our Christmas celebrating and gift-giving.

And while I’m on the point of ‘everyone involved’, it’s worth more than a passing mention that every single one of the 44 social enterprises taking part in Goodsmiths absolutely deserves this, not least for the incredible work they perform, on shoestring budgets, that produces mind-blowing positivity and community benefit.

The trail has more than just trundled on this week. It’s gone a little bit mad. In a jolly good way. We’ve hit the month of December and here we are, poised and ready to attend to that almost audible ‘click’ that occurs in everyone’s minds during the first week of the last month of the year; the one that sounds like “oh my.. December?… already?… how?… this means… Christmas gifts and celebrating” Well helloooo… look no further than your one stop shop of right proper goodies .


The posters and flyers are still out there if you fancy snapping yourself up a hamper, and for those keen to hear how it all came about the Subtle Disruptors podcast landed on my desktop on Tuesday. It helps paint a fuller picture; but if you can’t cope with my somewhat convoluted tales and just want the message short and sweet the video of Adam in Parliament is the way to go.

With that in mind, one last word to the team who have been working on Goodsmiths so tirelessly: Cass, Leanne and Simon.. you should all give yourselves a full 1m35sec break to watch this again and feel proud as punch about the work you’re doing. Brilliant stuff.

Time to get back on the case… there’s a full two weeks till Santa arrives!

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