Very few people ever really ponder how they deal with and operate in the world. We maintain a set of unspoken values and beliefs but, often, and even with all the goodwill in the world, our daily behaviour doesn’t entirely reflect these inner ideals. Why?

Well firstly, over the years we’ve become bloody good at chowing down on everything our world has to offer. Consuming, producing, and literally eating and growing beyond our very means.

This has led to a sort of learned intolerance for anything but growth for growth’s sake, profit at expense of all else, a brutal, blinkered, pig-headed way of behaving in the world.


But it’s actually remarkably easy to shift that mindset, to move away from that Mickey Mouse model and embrace a more inclusive way of thinking and living.

Here’s a way that doesn’t allow our planet, our ecological system and the society and communities to suffer at the expense of rampant economic wants (or perceived needs) and desires.

In 1992, Bill Clinton focused on three key campaign points in his successful unseating of sitting president George H W Bush.

The first two “It’s the economy, stupid” and “Change Vs More of the Same” could not be more relevant today, a quarter of a decade later.

The third ‘Don’t forget health care” continues even today to be squabbled over. So short sighted.

Economy matters, money matters, but surely not at the expense of the society that supports it and creates it? And while that society must thrive, it must cannot be to the detriment of the fragile ecology that envelops, protects and houses it



We really can stop being so blinkered. We don’t have to stop consuming stuff, we simply have to stop doing so in such a pig-headed fashion.

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash

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