One-of-a-kind treasures, beautiful objects and fashion statements of people, places, traditions and cultures.

This is what you’ll find at Wanderlust People, an ever-changing trove of authentic, ethically-sourced handmade pieces that genuinely respects the artisans who made them and their wider culture.

Born from the passion of Aimee Pearce and Elissa Webster, two keen adventurers, this company brings the world to your feet with one-of-a-kind items. Their products are all sourced from local communities and tell the story of the people that crafted them, their places and traditions.

Collage of workers and product shots from Wanderlust People

Gorgeous jewellery, inspirational homewares, practical bags and even cute children’s toys are available via their online store.

Their products are limited edition, due to being handcrafted by artisans in remote locations and look out for the founders current personal favourite – the Village Leather Travel Bag, crafted in Nepal in a batch of only six – uber-exclusive!


Wanderlust People is strongly committed to ethically sourcing their items, treating their producers with respect by upholding their traditional craftsmanship and supporting their skill development, pursuing sustainability, and investing their profits into pathways to a better world.