BYO container shop for locally made, affordable skincare and cleaning products.

Good things to buy

We stock people and planet friendly household essentials in bulk. You bring your own clean, dry container (or buy ours) and fill up as much as you need. We provide refillable cleaning products and skincare, without the single-use plastic.

Good things we do

We have avoided the use of over 5000 single-use plastic bottles. We stock locally made products, supporting a network of micro and small businesses, with a light carbon transport footprint. We also partner with the Nundah Community Enterprise Cooperative to provide work experience for people with mental and intellectual disabilities.

Our Story

I wanted to cut more single-use plastic out of my life after finding lots of it hiding under my kitchen sink and in my bathroom cupboards. I looked for bulk shops where I could buy these products in my own bottles, but there weren’t many options and those that existed were so expensive! I realised that if we wanted people to reduce their patterns of consumption, it needed to be more affordable! And that is how Vessel was born.