Avoiding the environmental and financial blow that occurs with each growth spurt

After completing her Fashion Merchandising degree at RMIT, Kiri Gorter landed her first job as a fashion buyer. It was her ideal job and just what she’d been striving towards. Day one of a job is usually full of surprises- but usually nothing as surprising as finding out you’re pregnant.

This, you could say, was the first step in conceiving her idea for Use-Ta!. A pre-loved childrenswear store in Thornbury.

An inevitable fact about children is that they grow. They grow quickly. And they quickly outgrow their clothes. This is not a new concept for parents. Kiri realised this while working as a cleaner after the birth of her baby boy. She got chatting with families about their struggle to manage all their kids’ stuff, clothes and more stuff.

Use-Ta! kids clothes

Use-Ta is Kiri’s contribution to tackling the massive waste problem that exists in the fashion industry. Particularly in the children’s clothing industry.  

From premmies through to primary schoolers- they stock quality, on-trend gear to cover all bases. And mummas are catered for too, with their range of preloved maternity wear. 

Use-Ta! is also on the lookout to purchase your pre-loved kids clothes. There are two convenient ways to sell with Use-Ta!, you can trade for store credit or sell on consignment.