Powering women’s education with 100% natural pads and tampons

After learning about the environmental destruction caused by the chemicals, plastics and pesticides created through the manufacturing process of many pads and tampons, Tsuno’s founder Roslyn got hooked on the idea of creating a company that could protect women, educate girls and be good to our environment.

Tsuno is a social enterprise that sells sustainable bamboo fibre sanitary pads and organic cotton tampons, as well as other items such as heat pads or bath salts. Their sanitary products are made using natural bamboo and corn fibre top sheet, and arrive at your door individually wrapped in biodegradable sleeves and packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, which feature the designs of local artists.

Collage of TSUNO products

The pads are also super absorbent, breathable, soft, comfortable and anti-bacterial. As a commitment to sustainability and protecting you and the environment, they ensure that no chlorine or dioxin bleach is used in their manufacturing process.


But Tsuno doesn’t just sell the sorts of sanitary products we all long for, they are also social pioneers. Half of their net profits are donated to organisations empowering women, and they are currently working in partnership with One Girl, who provide education scholarships and sanitary pads to marginalised girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.