A gift shop with a difference

Good things to buy

We are a one-stop shop for all your gifts, including women’s and men’s toiletries, hand-made felt toys, jewellery, soy candles, diffusers, home decor, toys, baby wear, gifts for your pet, hand-made cards, and much more!

Good things we do

We provide training opportunities in retail for people with different abilities, who are wanting to expand their skillset and enter the work force. Profits made from the Wallara Shop are directly reinvested into Wallara. By choosing to purchase items from Wallara Shop, you are not only buying good quality ethical products, you are also supporting a wonderful cause. One of the largest barriers to achieving success for our clients is public attitudes and lack of awareness and opportunity for them. The more we can change those attitudes and raise awareness and understanding, the more opportunities our clients will have in their lives.

Our Story

The Wallara Shop is an initiative run by Wallara Australia – a sector-leading, not-for-profit, support service for adults with different abilities. With sites located across the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula, we provide services to over 350 people, allowing our clients to Grow, Work, Explore and Live. Our mission is “driving social change in our community to empower people with different abilities”. The Wallara Shop facilitates this as a direct-access point for clients to interact with the local community. They also gain work experience and potential future employment opportunities.

Gifts that Keep on Giving