The Timekeeper is a mindful watch company on a mission to improve the quality of time in the lives of young people, both at home and across the globe.

The Timekeeper has effortlessly married form and function with their range of quality, unisex pieces. Each timepiece is crafted by pairing a minimal watchface with a leather or metallic wristband, focused on clean design.

Beyond their classic appeal, The Timekeeper watches act as a symbolic anchor in our chaotic, always connected world; reminding us to slow down, be conscious of our values and intentional with our time.

When you purchase a watch, 100% of the profits from every sale go to support the work of The Timekeeper’s impact partners, including Youth Off the Streets and 40K Plus. You are directly funding projects which have a positive impact on the education, health and wellbeing of young people in need, supporting them in reaching their potential and enjoying a healthy, happy life.


The company’s Chief Timekeeper, Kristian Martinow, founded the company in 2016 to share his belief in the ‘preciousness of time’ after seeing his health, relationships and quality of life change for the better after embracing a holistic approach. You can read Kristian’s story, along with stories of others in the Timekeeper community, on their site.