Delivering creative community Skillshare programs, retreats, workplace experiences and mental health programs with the purpose of building stronger communities.

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We offer unique Skillshare classes across Arts & Crafts, DIY, Gardening, Music & Writing, and Cooking & Food.

We also provide a Jamboree which is part immersive retreat, part mini-festival. The Jamboree offers high quality creative workshops with effortless beauty and nature, local sustainable food and ethical suppliers.

In addition, MakeShift is an innovative series of sessions designed to connect a creative practice with helping to manage mental wellbeing.

Cooking skillshare

Good things we do

Operating as a non-profit, the primary purpose of the organisation is to support the local community. Our community Skillshare classes have had a profound impact on both local residents and teachers. Teachers tell us it improved their confidence and helped them to build a micro-business in something they are passionate about. While students tell us how learning new skills improved their confidence and allowed them to better connect with loved ones.

Similarly, our Jamboree events empower participants through increasing confidence and connecting to community. While our MakeShift program uses play to address mental wellbeing and reduce loneliness.

Gardening skillshare

Our Story

After working in social work for over 15 years, Caitlin was frustrated by limited resources and support. At the same time, Lizzie had worked in sustainability education and community initiatives, and was looking for a new path where she could continue to make grassroots change.

Together, they formed Rumpus to offer community Skillshare classes.  Rumpus brings people from all walks of life together to share their skills with others in playful, creative and original ways.

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