Take a kilo of well-trodden experience, add half a pound of passion, a cup of resourcefulness and a pinch of love, and the possibilities are endless.

Established by two very thoughtful mums, who bonded over a shared vision, The Possibility Project is the clearest demonstration of simply wanting to ‘do something’ that you’ll find. Kath and Kim make stuff happen. Beautiful clothing, stylish accessories, bags and more. By sharing their knowledge and experience of what it means to make something out of ‘nothing’ they train locals to empower and create an income for themselves.

Collaborating with slum communities in India, the social enterprise creates a range of slow clothing under the label @slumwear108. Using recycled silk saris, or sourcing their overrun fabrics from large factories, who would otherwise simply chuck them out,  their myriad of projects offer solutions to environmental and social justice.

Collage of products and owners of The Possibility Project

The Possibility Project sells clothes, bags, and accessories (even baby wraps). Their most prized products are the silk-covered beads – comprised of 108 beads, and also doubles as a mala for meditation.


All of their products are created by artisans in slum communities from Jaipur. Using Kath’s fashion background and Kim’s passion for teaching, the founders have provided the manufacturers with vocational training, which allows them to overcome poverty.

The Possibility Project has a strong motivation – to be of purpose to both people and the planet.