PachaMama is another name for Mother Earth. Fittingly, The PachaMama Project, is a supporter of the ecosystem of artisanal communities globally.

It all clicked in a night. Couple Natasha and Antoine birthed the idea of The PachaMama Project while lying under the stars and reflecting on their travels in South America.

Nature and the vast starry night do tend to tickle a sense of purpose and introspection. And for two individuals passionate about making positive change, this was an ideal next step after their travels.

The PachaMama Project has grown to be an online boutique, home to ethically-sourced homewares, accessories and gifts. Their collections exhibit the intricacy of traditional arts, in all their colours and beauty. Bright woven baskets, delicate beaded jewellery and statement bags are just some of the handmade delights you can discover. Beautiful, high quality ethnic goods are sourced from small scale producers across the globe, including Laos, Kichwa and Chinchero.


To Natasha and Antoine, ethical sourcing goes beyond a fair trade stamp. Fair trade certification is beyond the means of many small producers in developing countries. But for Natasha and Antoine this doesn’t mean they should be excluded. That’s why they consider each artisan individually, with a strong focus on their ethics and empowerment. The result; the highest standards of social impact, environmental protection and financial longevity.

Environmental protection is an essential element of The PachaMama Project. As each product is handmade, pollution- heavy machinery is avoided. Meaning their CO2 output is significantly lower than mainstream producers. More so, their office is completely paperless and their website is carbon neutral. This is possible in partnership with CO2 Neutral Websites.