Make a Real Fashion Statement. Wage Peace with clothing from The Fabric Social.

Ethical fashion is quite the buzzword this year. Yet few businesses can honestly claim that all their products are sustainable, handmade and produced under fair-labour standards. This is what you get at The Fabric Social. A socially responsible design label supporting local craftspeople to create quality and contemporary fashion.

“Our core social goal is to lift the burden of poverty from women and their families in insecure geographical areas.”

For every sale on The Fabric Social website, one square metre of a minefield is cleared in our region. Founded by anti-war heroes, they are transparent from production to profit.

The Fabric Social producers are artisans, activists and other resilient women facing insecurity in Asia’s forgotten corners. Wherever you find armed conflict, displacement, natural disaster or straight up poverty, you find resilient women trying to put their communities back together.


By becoming more economically independent, women in these communities are able to participate more freely in political life and represent their interests in the community.

The Fabric Social reinvests 5% of their profits back into the communities in which they work. They make a donation from every sale to the anti landmine organisation APOPO, so that every item sold results in one square metre of a mine field being cleared for good.

The silk collections are cruelty and chemical free ahimsa silk from Assam, woven in a breathable flannel-like blend with khadi cotton. Mizo bags are handwoven from the durable puan fabric, the tribal formal wear of Mizoram.