How does affordable, great quality and culturally appropriate fresh food sound to you?

Now, what if we told you that what you’ll find at the community grocer not-for-profit, pop up markets was 30-40% cheaper than the stuff you find at the supermarket?  

It’s a bit of no-brainer, right? You can shop at one of their weekly pop-up markets, located in either low-income or low-access areas, that focus on a culturally diverse range of fruits and veggies.

This initiative started from the desire to provide access to affordable, quality produce to anyone who wants to create healthy, responsibly-sourced meals. The first community market opened up in Carlton in 2014; they now run weekly stalls in over five different areas of Melbourne, with new venues opening soon.

Collage of pictures from markets held by The Community Grocer


The Community Grocer is a steady source of food to all, be it rain or shine. Mixed fruit and veggie boxes are available at each and every market for only $25, allowing them to maintain freshness, and ensure zero food wastage.