Using recycled plastic bottles to create clothes made for adventure.

Good things to buy

Team Timbuktu’s collections include activewear, tech rain jackets and organic cotton jumpers and tees. All of our clothes are made for movement. Our range is made more sustainably from recycled and organic fibres. After sorting, sterilising, melting and crafting a new material, we’re creating one that is not only more sustainable, but one that is also breathable, sweat wicking and durable.

Good things we do

Team Timbuktu is committed to employing the most responsible production methods in the textiles and fashion industry. We are always striving to use more sustainable fibres, including fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and organic fibres. By staying away from conventional synthetics (that are derived from oil) and repurposing plastic waste that we have excess of, we save plastics from oceans and landfill. We’re also using less energy and water compared to creating conventional synthetic fabrics.

Not only do we use better fabrics, we’ve also eliminated the majority of single use plastics from our supply chain. Instead utilising home compostable packaging, using recycled cardboard where we can and supporting charities when we can too.


Our Story

Rhianna founded the brand after hiking in Patagonia. She realised on this trip that these traditional hiking clothes made by traditional adventure brands were not only aesthetically unpleasing, they were also made from conventional fibres. With her background in fashion design and production she knew it was possible to create better alternatives and fabrics.

Team Timbuktu has it’s roots in community, having launched from a crowdfunding campaign and has been growing slowly but surely since then. The vision is to create a brand that encourages women to get outdoors and seek adventure, with no compromise on style or sustainability.