We are your local Clothing Exchange

Good things to buy

Our stores are places for our customers to buy, SWOP and sell their preloved clothing, shoes and accessories. The SWOP concept was developed around sustainability, affordability and waste reduction, with the intention to engage with customers and encourage them to make ethical and sustainable fashion choices.

Good things we do

One of the fundamental objectives of SWOP is to transform the devastating cycle of fast fashion. We do this by providing an alternative to sending unwanted clothes to landfill by promoting a circular fashion economy.

Our aim is to provide the SWOP customer with a way to shop that is not only socially and environmentally responsible, but also affordable. It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s good for you, your wallet and your planet!


Our Story

Inspired by the vintage exchange culture of North America, SWOP is built around ideas of sustainability, affordability and anti-waste. Beginning in the cultural hub of West End, Brisbane; local community sits at the heart of SWOP’s ethos. Not only are the garments sourced, swopped and sold entirely within our community of local customers, we also strive to foster community partnerships with like-minded organisations such as not-profits and young creatives.