Summerland House Farm has transformed a working macadamia and avocado farm into a large scale agritourism destination for the Northern Rivers area.

By supporting Summerland House Farm and purchasing their range of quality gourmet products from the Northern Rivers region, you are also helping us create opportunities for people to make the most of their abilities and supporting our values. Meaningful employment is essential for our physical and mental health, personal wellbeing and sense of identity.

There are over 90 people with a disability working at Summerland House Farm in a number of rewarding, valued roles ranging from hospitality services, administration and retail operations, to agriculture, food packaging and more.

At Summerland House Farm you will find a wide range of award winning, Northern Rivers gourmet foods and body products. They specialise in hampers which can also be ordered online, including delicious macadamia products and condiments. You’ll be spoilt for choice.


As one of Australia’s leading disability service providers, House with No Steps is dedicated to giving people with a disability greater choice, control, and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms across NSW, Qld, and the ACT.

House with No Steps has always believed in challenging the status quo to create a society that’s fairer and more inclusive of people with a disability. Relentless in the pursuit of inclusion and equality, they are committed to ensuring people with a disability are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. They are not afraid to ask the tough questions and have thought-provoking conversations – whatever it takes to inspire positive change.