The most sustainable straw around

Good things to buy

Stroh straws are made from natural wheat stems, a by-product of wheat production. Wheat straws are 100% compostable, gluten free and don’t go soggy in drinks.

Stroh also offers customised engraved bamboo straws, these are functional, sustainable and a great way of reinforcing your brands sustainability credentials.

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Good things we do

Stroh’s zero-waste design generates positive impact in three ways:

1. Renewable resources

Wheat stems are considered an agricultural waste product of the wheat harvesting process, therefore we are not depleting any natural resources through the production process.

2. Recycled packaging

The box for straws doubles up as a mailer. We use recycled plastic sellotape for the outside of big boxes, and compostable paper tape with biodegradable glue for smaller boxes.

3. Volunteering

We dive into the ocean to collect plastic with Operation Strawkle. We Take 3 for the sea. And we speak to business owners about reducing their plastic.

Our Story

Stroh is on a mission to cut the use of single use plastic straws all over the world. Sounds ambitious? We believe that change has to start somewhere, and while we can’t solve all the world’s plastic problems, together we can try to make a real difference.

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