High-speed broadband, at the same price as other providers, that changes people’s lives.

Despite access to the internet becoming an absolute necessity, around four out of ten low-income Aussie families simply cannot afford it. Imagine that, no internet? It might be strangely peaceful for a few hours, or even a day or two, but to be disconnected from the web, forever..? The sad fact is that disconnection from the wider world increases debilitating issues like poverty and inequality, and negatively impacts employment, social interaction, and access to education.

Every Australian household deserves access to a home internet connection. By choosing Start broadband you get a great internet service at a competitive price, yet you’re helping someone who cannot afford to be online to also get connected.

Start delivers free broadband to families in need. And it’s your contract, that costs no more than the normal providers charge that help support this mission. Easy. And totally brilliant.

Start Broadband banner.


So far, they have delivered over 6,899 days of free broadband to families in need. If you would like to make a difference, their handy support team can help you take advantage of Start’s reliable broadband, with no lock-in contract option, customisable NBN and ADSL Bundles.


A share of every Start customer’s monthly bill gets redirected towards funding a home broadband connection for disadvantaged Australians, providing them with exciting new opportunities. This means that kids can now do the same online homework as their peers, and parents are able to search for jobs online, helping them create a level playing field.

Every time you connect to the internet, you can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. It’s that easy.

Broadband for families in need