Building a conscious food community

Social Food Project are passionate about eating local, with purpose and for the planet. They love sharing their knowledge and experience through sustainability focused food projects including cooking classes, public demos, and catering. Social Food Project see food as a powerful tool for bringing community together and kick starting conversations around social change.

Ben from social food project

Every dish prepared by their team of experienced chefs is developed with sustainability at its heart.  Smoked eggplant, albino beetroot and apple cucumber pictured below is one example of the fare they served at a Farm to Table Dinner. These are regular dining experiences which focus on talented local producers. Farmers are invited to share their experiences and cook up some delicious food. Full bellies are followed by a Q&A session with the farmers.

Farm to Table is just one of several Social Food Project experiences. Another currently on their plate is Utopian Foods, exploring the future of food. Which is looking like it’s going to involve insects!

As a social enterprise, revenue from all workshops and catering is used to run fabulous foodie community events (like Farm to Table and Utopian Foods), inspiring those of us with a passion for cooking or care for the environment to come together, get chatting and enjoy some delicious food.